Thursday, 23 July 2009

Malware redirecting Google searches

Yesterday I had on my machine a PDF which had a MALware payload inside it and my machine got infected. So a quick clean with Panda Security got rid of the nasties. But I had an unfortunate problem in that everytime I used a search engine like google, bing or yahoo something on my machine was redirecting the searches to other websites, so I downloaded Malwarebytes and Ad-ware both found thing and cleaned but on reboot the problem persisted. It wasn't until I looked on th web via another machine I found COMBOFIX. This low level program really seems to do the trick rebooting you machine into the recovery consol and automatically scanning and removing any malware on your machine, I'd recommend it to anyone with a malware problem.

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Thursday, 30 April 2009

New Panda Cloud Antivirus

I've always liked Panda Antivirus and have used it at work for a good few year with great results.

So it was nice to see Panda Launch a new product. I think its time to give it a go. The have a blog detailing how the scanning works:

With Panda Cloud Antivirus we introduce a new protection model based on a thin-client agent & server architecture which services malware protection as opposed to locally installed products. By combining local detection technologies with cloud-scanning capabilities and applying non-intrusive interception techniques on the client architecture, Panda Cloud Antivirus provides some of the best protection with a lightweight antivirus thin-client agent that barely consumes any PC resources.

Panda Cloud Antivirus is the first antivirus based on this innovative protection model which is based on two fundamental principles:

1. Automatic malware detection and remediation from the cloud in real-time.
2. The use of an ultra-lightweight thin-client agent.

you can try it out free by clicking below

or Visit

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