Friday, 26 June 2009

Steven Wells - RIP

On Tuesday we lost an import figure in my life, a visionary and poet like the world will not see again. Steven Wells aka SWELLS.

His words inspired a generation and brought music to the masses. When I first met Steven I knew him as writer, director and partner in GobTV the man who help make one of the music videos that changed my world forever, "Little Baby Nothing by the Manic Street Preachers.

James McMaon said probably my thoughts when I started to write this piece.

"I’ve been a fucking disgrace. I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself; the sheer weight of articulating what his words meant to me, let alone at least two generations of NME readers, has almost ruined me. I’ve made cups of tea, I’ve smoked cigarettes, I’ve been for an obscenely long lunch. I’ve done anything I could do to avoid writing something on page. Even in death, the unique talent, spirit and flair of Steven Wells has left me questioning everything I’ve ever believed."

Its 2.35am and I've been trying to write this for hours.
So here I go... "I FUCKIN HATE YOU SWELLS, you CAPS LOCK loving arrogant cunt of a man!" and why because I'm jealous! Fucking Jealous of a man who got cancer. Of what you saw what you could articulate and put down on paper. My dyslexic brain could only hope to do a tiny piece of what you've said to people. You've turn people into journalists, inspired kids to form bands and have careers in music. You've done something very few people do, I hope your proud of your yourself!

Diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2006, he died in the US on Tuesday 23rd June 2009. Steven was the one who said i could do what i wanted and inspired me to work in TV. Swells your going to missed. Rage in Peace.

From The Quietus "Swells Dies. Caps Lock Buttons Sigh In Relief "

GOBTV channel on Youtube

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Monday, 18 May 2009

Manic Street Preachers; Journal For Plague Lovers

The Manics guide to to writing a good album,

  1. Great riffs and licks from guitar god James Dean Bradfield.
  2. Superb complex lyrics from the late Richey Edwards.
  3. Jenny Saville painting as a cover (it worked on The Holy Bible, it will work again)
This is the album we were never going to get to hear, the lyrics so long on the shelf the expert editing of Bradfield and Wire work to turn the most complex of lyrics into hummable sing a long tunes. From the opening with the classic quotes and pieces of movies playing the songs in echos of albums past ringing in your ears. Solid bass and drums set the stage of the guitar and then like a song bird Bradfield comes to life and the hairs on your neck stand up. This album doesn't feel new you haven't heard the songs before but it feels so comfortable and like an old friend welcome you to the fold. Richey Edwards complex and intelligent lyrics take you on an extreme journey in the mind of a trouble mind of rock star.

Every song is a highlight the spine tingling metaphors but Me and Stephen Hawking stands out for the comedy lyrics about their sexual prowess and a review can't be written with mentioning 'Williams Last Words" sung by Nick Wire, as my eyes filled up I can listen to this note again and again.

On Saturday Night James and Nick talked about the new album on Channel 4 click on the link below to watch the programme for the next 28 days.

The new album from Manic Street Preachers; Journal For Plague Lovers is out now on CD, 2CD deluxe edition and to download.

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