Friday, 31 July 2009

Dark Side of the Moon

Today a song I listen to a song on the tube that i hadn't listen too for over 4 year probably for no other reason that it was missing from my Zune. After buying Gatecrashers Trance Anthems 1993-2009 I started smiling as this is one of those song you remember from a dark time around the time i left my old company and started my present job. Funny how I now come to being sat yards away for a framed signed copy of the Dark Side of the Moon Album cover as a print so it had seridipidy when I have a friend being made redundant today the step i took to be where I am today scary but worth every minute. Step to the dark side Emma.

"Ernesto Vs. Bastian The Dark Side Of The Moon lyrics"

Try a run, try a hide
Escape your only truth, for a while
Live the past, create a picture, it won't last
A million colours to a lie, it won't last

When the sun is cold and black
When you wanna scream and shout
And the record plays the dark side of the moon

Brighter days, on a distant shore
You realized it's steep, to the top
Never fight, a never win reality
A million colours to a lie, that will fade

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