Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The IRack lives - Iphone Server

Last year when I was in Texas with a few collegues we were drunk in a bar. The County Line thanks for asking. We joked that someone would come up with a product to use Iphones in a docking station and use then as storage. Just like drives in a SAN Server. We applied this to the TV and Film industry and came up with a few products the IScan the 4k Film Scanner.....One of the product we mentioned during the evening was a docking station were you can plug and un plug iphones a bit like Panasonic P2 Card we gave it a name the IRAID, We thought the IRACK was a bit close to IRAQI and won't sell. We were that drunk we even considered the marketing too.

Well like everything said in a pub someone had to do it, after a tip off from @mmartoccia: I saw this the iPhone Server Farm

The prototype pictured here is intended to promote the ServersMan app, which gives iPhone users the ability to use their phone as network storage, file viewer or a mini web server.

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Monday, 13 April 2009


Some time ago Mr Dog changed its name to Cesar and you can click on the video above to listen to Eddie Izzard explain the change.

Recently they have produced a new Cesar advert with a young lady and the small scottie dog hangging around in the rain looking like they are only friends, its been playing on most of the channels and I've got to say its one of the most annoying and patronizing adverts on TV. With its twee sound track and moody overtones. It makes you want to pop the dog in the canal and wrap the dog lead around neck. Not that I'm advocating killing of scottie dog owners much more the killing of the advertising executive that came up with the ad.

If this wasn't the ONION then I'd be worried I bet this is an advertising exec wet dream...Advertising Firm Unveils New Mute-Resistant Commercials

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