Thursday, 24 September 2009


welll i haven't been blogging recently due to working at tradeshow and now I'm currently on holiday in Prague.

So far Prague has been beatuiful, lovely city and lovely people. The ability to smoke inside has been on one other persons highlight of the trip but I digress. Pictures will be popping up next week as I didn't bring a cable to get the shots off my CF cards. Till then I'll pop the odd shot on flickr and twitter so see ya soon.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The IRack lives - Iphone Server

Last year when I was in Texas with a few collegues we were drunk in a bar. The County Line thanks for asking. We joked that someone would come up with a product to use Iphones in a docking station and use then as storage. Just like drives in a SAN Server. We applied this to the TV and Film industry and came up with a few products the IScan the 4k Film Scanner.....One of the product we mentioned during the evening was a docking station were you can plug and un plug iphones a bit like Panasonic P2 Card we gave it a name the IRAID, We thought the IRACK was a bit close to IRAQI and won't sell. We were that drunk we even considered the marketing too.

Well like everything said in a pub someone had to do it, after a tip off from @mmartoccia: I saw this the iPhone Server Farm

The prototype pictured here is intended to promote the ServersMan app, which gives iPhone users the ability to use their phone as network storage, file viewer or a mini web server.

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Monday, 15 June 2009

Twitter and Iran Elections

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Ever wanted a easy and effective way of getting involved in local politics and hearing what’s going on? Well here’s you chance! How? Follow and tweet your local politicians and prospective candidates, and use the power of Twitter to track local politics, make your voice heard and conversations more open.

TweetyHall uses Twitter to connect you to your local politicians. Track local politics in real time, find and follow your local politicians and prospective candidates and get communicating with the elected representatives in your local area.

TweetyHall encourages participation and open conversations, promoting better and more transparent communication between voters and elected representatives.

A FutureGov project supported by the Local Government Association Group and powered by Tweetminster

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