Mark Reed popped this up on this blog so I thought I'd copy him and do it too

Iris - Lands of Fire (from the album Wrath)

Probably the nicest and that's not a bad thing, band i've ever met. Really cool guys writing great goth/emo. Hailing from Austin Texas they remind me of a lost weekend in Gothenburg at Sama. Prictures on link. Regan Jones and Andrew Sega and of course Brian

Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy Song (c64 mix ) Single

Apop was my first look into future pop/darkwave as it is now. I was lent a cd by an ex girlfriend and it all went from there. Contrary to popular opinion "i'm not a goth" and was always indie dance boy.

Patrick Jones - There Life in Their Hands  (from album  Commemoration and Ammesia)

Six form poets of the world unite. Particks work resinate in the soul speaking from a perspective of honesty. Seeing Patrick at Water Rats Theatre in Kings Cross when the album came out was a great experience.  The music on this album is  great from Super Furries to the Manics and Julian Cope.

Body Count - D Roc (RIP) (from the album Murder 4Hire)

Ah my rock roots comes out, BC, BC, BC...what does this say well...Graham, Riverside Studios club, Friday night. A pillar, My nose work the rest out for yourself. Great. Oh to be young and stupid. When you look back and see that  a lot of the  orgianl  memebers of  Body Count are now dead.

The Derek Trucks Band - Sahib Teri Bandi - Maki Madni (from the album Songlines)

I got introduced to this by my boss. This track completely rocks all 9.53 amazing guitar. Done by the same guy who played on the track used on the top gear theme tune. The break at about 2mins40 is sublime.  Put it on turn it up and  space out.

Nine Inch Nails - Wish (live) (from the album  And All That Could Have Been)

Trying not to be a teenager to this song is impossible. Everything comes flooding back, the copperidge on the quayside, riverside, bulletpoof dodgy old goths. hairspray  and thursday nights of  fun at 70p a pint.