Naseem Hamed stripped of MBE

Former world boxing champion Naseem Hamed has been stripped of his MBE after serving a jail term for dangerous driving.

32-year-old Hamed served 16 weeks of a 15-month term in Moorland Prison, Doncaster for causing serious injury to Anthony Burgin in a high-speed crash in May 2005.

An official notice said the Queen had directed that Hamed's name be erased from the Order of the British Empire.

So does that mean we can get rid of these too?

Lord Brocket - convicted of insurance fraud, having dismantled and hidden four of the Ferraris, claiming them to be stolen.
Lord Archer - Convicted of perjury and perverting the course of justice and sent to prision for 4 years..
Dame Shirley Porter - convicted in the high court of running an council Building Stable Communities policy that was completely illegal and ordered to pay £27,000,000.back to Westminster Council
Sir Clive Thompson - Chairman involved in the collapse of the Farepak Christmas hamper company

Or sorry I forgot it doesn't work like that does it...if it did the honour system would be fair and you would not be able to throw them at members of your family for doing what they done since prat around on a horse