You might have noticed a comment I made about my Zune on arriving la few weeks ago. .It finally arrived no thanks to the couier company Parcel2go are a internet parcel company that transfers packages from USA to UK. My Zune was delivered to their Miami address on the 14th of November. Thats when my problems started after a daqy of not being contacted my anyone at Parcel2go. I thought I'd better phone up and find out what was going on with my parcel. My phone call hit the brick wall of Parcel2go customer serivce, when I did get through on their premium national rate 0870 (see below from cheaper ways to contact them f your callng from a mobile) it seems only one person in the office could help me and they weren't in. I rang back after a few hours and had to leave a message because no one could help. Great, alarm bell kept ringing as Parcel2go quite clearly seem to have a signal point of failure.The next day came and no return call so I rang after lunch, I spoke to a lady in customer service she said "the import manager, Anneka. Had been in but had now left for the day and she didn't know when she'd be back".

Great so my parcel is stuck in Miami going know where because no one would return my call or let anyone else in Parcel2go deal with the issue because it had to be Anneka. Finally when I did speak to Anneka she said she'd sent me a email with a quote on and a link to pay. This I never recieved when I asked her to send me a copy of the email from her sent items she would not and only sent me a link to there customer service zone were I could pay for delivery. After paying for delivery and being told I'd have my parcel in a couple of days. I sat down and waited, and I waited and I waited. I logged onto the customer service zone to find my parcel without a tracking number and no change to the details I'd seen some days earlier when I paid for delivery. I rang and rang trying to find out what the hell had happened to my parcel noone could tell me. Starting to panic I email Anneka asking for a status update, i turned on delivery recipects and read reciepts on the email and I get both back. Great I think I'm going to get  email in a bit tell me everything is ok. No email came, in fact I had to send 6 emails over a 10 day period before even one got replied to and I believe that was only because I threatened them with court action. Always the customer service response (as they couldn't help) was track the package on the website.

Their tracking system for me was complete joke, they say on their automated telephone service that you have to track your parcel with your P2G number of their website, well that would be great if your parcel was ever given a tracking number. I asked 5 times for a tracking number for my parcel each time I was fobbed off with excuses that it was in bulk transit so didn't have a individual tracking number, or that it was clearing customs therefore would get one once its cleared. All lies as when the package was deliveried to me it had a DHL id number on it which could be traced back all the way.

After nearly a month I finally recieved my parcel, Using Parcel2go was a complete nightmare and frankly not worth the hassle by the time you paid for the delivery and all the calls to customer service just to get them to do anything your better off dealing with a company that doesn't  to run it import/export service like a family business were someone is put into a job that they are less than capable of doing.

Thinking of using Parcel2go.......its in the name THINK TWICE.

Ps. I am still waiting for a VAT invoice from Parcel2Go I wonder if I'll ever got it. If I don't I may just have to post the complete emails so you can all see how bad their customer service really is.

From (FAM Logistics Ltd) 0870 1212101  01204 384426  Fax: 01204 384427
Also 01204 488910, 01204 488913 & 01204 387098
Customer services - 01204 488900

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Update: Parcel2go have now "rebranded" as Border HQ lets hope the service has improved, article on the link