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Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
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View Article  Fatman iTube
Forget today's synthetic sound systems - if you want to give your digital tracks the audiophile treatment, you need to take a look at the Fatman iTube. Yes, it's an old-fashioned valve amp for your portable player, which promises to give the music from your iPod "a luscious warm analogue sound". While old-school technology might be at work for the music output, the iTube is still a very modern piece of kit. It's essentially a docking station for all iPods (except the shuffle), which comes with a remote control so you can sit back and enjoy the music - or if you hook it up to the TV, you can enjoy your pictures and video clips, again controlled by the remote.

Will it really improve your music that much? You can find out in July, when it goes on sale for £300.
View Article  dedicated 2nd video out from the ibooks

Owen a good friend and Video Artist

has told me that "You can get dedicated 2nd video out from the ibooks – it’s built into the graphics card, but has been disabled in the operating system. Install this - and you have a dedicated second video out J

It’s installed on Tony’s ibook and has been on two of Andy’s without any negative effects…there’s even the software to undo it should you want to take it in for repair and not have a voided warranty….

View Article  when is 2K not 2K
When your uprez'ing to DCI 2K from Standard 2K files, oh how many times am i going to refering to ...   more »
View Article  Roys New Toy
help people send big links via the web or for that matter over the telphone its called   more »
View Article  Gamma Curves
This was a post that Phil the Chief Engineer here at Root6 made in his blog regarding  Gama Curves and future developement of ContentAgent.....permlink to the post
View Article  Broadcast live
just having spent three days on a stand setting my purple flares 'hot wares' at Broadcast live
at Earl Court Two, were the great and the good of the Television industry came to look at shiny boxes and electronics with blue leds on them, I  bumped into a few old faces and had a good time meeting some new ones and hopefully soon to be good customers as well. Had the wonder pleasure of showing the sales people at Sony how to dub one tape format to another with audio. The key to it guys is arming the audio tracks, giggles

He's a picture of top bloke it all going well Phil?


Other pictures here and here
View Article  order your Sony Playstation 3 now
Bloody hell not at that price....Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) has gone on sale on the web despite not being launched until November this year. Pre order now for disappointment at Christmas, at the very cheap honest guv price of £550 ($1,020) at online shop,