On Friday I ordered a USB tv tuner for my new pc. I did the normal web search for the tuner I wanted, not going for the cheapest but trying to find a company that could delivery with a good courier service and had the item in stock. This is were I found Specialtech, and I think the Special is in there for a reason. Their website is www.specialtech.co.uk. I ordered the item all fine and paid by paypal which makes a change from your normal direct debit or credit card payment but what the hell. We're on the interweb we can do that sort of thing. When I got my order confirmation I got my tracking number and did a quick check to see the order was dispatch and thats when my heart sank, the delivery address was East London and not Central London as I requested. So I email Specialtech querying the delivery address and heard nothing so I assumed that it must be correct or that they would correct their error. That was until Monday when I got a call from Parceline South Woodford to say they couldn't find my address. I questioned what address they had, it seems Specialtech had mixed up my work address with my home postcode. Classic. I told you they were Special.  Having not had a response on Friday I logged in a support ticket on the specialtech help desk service only to get a curt reply that I must of typred in the wrong details when I made the order and that any redirection of the parcel now will incur a extra postage charge, I check the delivery email and my profile on the Specialtech site and nope all the details are correct. So SpecialTech are trying to charge me for their mistake, oh pull the other one it got bells on it. I think this is one order that I'm cancelling.

Most people don't realise but
under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations as Amended in 2005 you as the consumer have the right to a 'cooling off' period of seven working days on any order you place on the internet or over the phone or by mail order, during which an order can be cancelled without any reason and a full refund made. So should goods not arrive at the correct address or you wish to return them for any reason you can do.

Quick version of your rights.

someone who read my blog sent me this , oh Joy