I was doing a bit of house keeping on my webserver this afternoon and came across the very strange entry when I ran my log files through matrix statistics. It was that someone had found my website by click on link from google with the search words of  "sergey lebedev 1902" I've been racking my brains to try and think of where on my site  I have mentioned Sergey, for you infomation Sergey or to give him his full name Sergei Alekseyevich Lebedev was head of the team in Kiev who built the first digital programmable computer in Continental Europe, this his team completed in 1950 and it was named 'MESM'..

Photo of Sergey here

I can only think that at some point I must have had some of my dissertation on the web as it was of the subject of East West computing evolution and the  Neumann-Lebedev's principles but I don't know when I must of posted it up on the websiite as its not online now, and having looked I can't find the 5 1/4" disk with it on in my collection, its amazing what those old spiders find and the the google cache turns up. BTW.  John von Neumann was the Ozzy Ozbourne of scientists a proper hell raiser and just the person you'd want at your dinner party.