BT has unveiled plans to launch a podcasting site. It has teamed up with the Podshow Network. UK version called BT PodShow. Podshow now has 60,000 podcasts featuring video and music - some made by amateurs, other by established media companies. Adam Curry, co-founder of Podshow, said "everyone has the right to express themselves creatively - over the past year we have helped many people in the States to become media stars". OH MY GOD....IT's X-Factor for the web...just what we need more people look for their fifteen minutes of fame

BT says the UK version will be inviting individuals, established artists and mainstream media companies to contribute material. The best of the content may then be featured on BT Vision, the new broadband television service the telecoms company is promising to launch this autumn.

Podshow claims to be a slightly different concept to YouTube, aiming to feature more crafted content and promising advertising deals to those who can win a big audience for their podcasts.