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View Article  The Iphone

Stephen fry said exactly what i was going to say "The rest of the world can mock as much as it likes. If you’re going to have a phone/video player/slideshow/music centre/web browser/camera in your pocket, is it so wrong to want one that makes you grin from ear to ear? Not with smugness (though heaven knows the enemies of the device will read that into the smiles) but with delight."

May I present my Iphone, yes I have as my Gee at work put it. "Sucked on the Apple Crack Pipe." (C) 2007

I didn't have a good time with the Nokia N95 and found it to be a bit of a dog with a battery life of a dying bee. So lets hope the iphone is better.

Which way to the Kool-Aid.

View Article  Real Time Media Networks
Broadcast Engineering the local parish magazine in this neck of the woods printed a Phil Crawley esk article on running media over networks. One of the great statements it makes it that "the indeterminate nature of an IT network is fundamentally at odds with its use in media applications. It could be argued that Ethernet and IP are the worst possible network technologies for real-time media systems." and that "A modern broadcast technologist must think in terms of both the broadcast engineering and IT domains when designing a networked infrastructure that must support real-time transcoding." So the next time our designing a broadcast IT network, don't let the spotty Dilbert from IT that fixes the email server design it, call in a qualified broadcast engineer. The Article in question
View Article  Televison is not what it used to be
Sex and violence may sell, but if you want better ratings you got to have some substance says a study, the boston globe covers it here "fuck you you fuckin fuck" Crudeness and the slipping standards of TV, despite big fines fruity language is up on TV, you can read the full article
View Article  A Career in Television
This is so true it hurts.....
View Article  How long did it take for your computer to boot this morning?
Did you get a chance to make a cup of tea, well put that cup down, its already booted. New Asus Mobo's will have Slashtop on them, The point of Splashtop is to get you surfing the web seconds after you press that power button. Virtualise the device and your up and running. check out the video below for more info or check out their website
View Article  XBOX360 C667000A error when playing a HD DVD
I recently bouught the HD-DVD player for my XBOX360 along with a few HD DVD's Hot Fuzz, Warriors and V for Vendetta.

I hadn't really watched a movie on it just used it to play games through till this evening when I came to watch Hot Fuzz I bought in the US. I finished playing Bioshock and popped the HD-DVD in the drive. it opened up got the lovely universal HD DVD logo and then BANG the dashboard popped up with an error COULD NOT PLAY CONTENT Error C667000A. First I thought it must be the disc or region encoding so I googled the error with not much luck. Then I came across the answer on this page.

Basically there was a dashboard update for the HD DVD player in May 07 and this fixes the problem. The reason I had not recieved the update is that you have to start the HD DVD with no other disks in the XBOX drive so it doesn't switch to a game in my case Bioshock first. Once I removed the game, made sure i was connected to Xbox Live I pressed play on the HD DVD and the dashboard update popped up and downloaded...and Eureka the disk restarts and plays fine.

If you don't connect you XBOX to Live then you can download the update from the page above.

View Article  BBC to launch new Dirac codec at IBC

Well this could be a intresting stand to see at IBC

On its joint stand with NuMedia Technology, the BBC is set to show the latest addition to the Dirac family of open source video compression codecs. The Pro 270 application of Dirac allows the transmission of HDTV signals using the cable and infrastructure already used for standard definition TV. Which is quite sexy if I say so myself....

This requires more compression of HDTV signals than Dirac Pro 1.5, but the new Dirac Pro has the flexibility to achieve this with very little loss of quality. Broadcasters that employ the Pro 270 will have the ability to transform their programme output to HD quickly.

Other reasons to use it include the fact that 1080P50 HD islands can be connected between sites over existing links. And because Dirac is Open Source, the wider industry can use the technology, add to it, and develop other applications. This will be helped by the fact that Dirac is license free too.


View Article  A lot Mobile phones going bang
Oh dear another battery manufacture has problems this time its not Sony and only 46 Million batteries this time....

Nokia has identified that in very rare cases the affected batteries could potentially experience over heating initiated by a short circuit while charging, causing the battery to dislodge. Nokia is working closely with relevant local authorities to investigate this situation.

Nokia has several suppliers for BL-5C batteries that have collectively produced more than 300 million BL-5C batteries. This advisory applies only to the 46 million batteries manufactured by Matsushita between December 2005 and November 2006. There have been approximately 100 incidents of over heating reported globally.
View Article  Another Cybershot recall
Sony the makers of the world famous exploding batteries have sent out another product recall. This time its the Cyber-shot DSC-T5, I posted back in Nov 06 about the LCD recall.

This time Sony has announced a recall of another 350,000 digital cameras. But there's no need to reach for your fire extinguisher, because this time the recall is focused on the metal casing of one model that has the potential to cut or scratch users.Someone used the wrong type of glue and they are falling apart at the seams.

The problems surround the Cyber-shot DSC-T5 camera with serial numbers between 3500001 and 3574100, which was released in 2005.

How to return you DSC-T5 to Sony is listed here:

View Article  Picking a bad day for a Press Release
365main one the San Fransisco's biggest facilities, had their PR monkeys issued a press release celebrating the site's "two years of 100-percent uptime at 365 Main's San Francisco facility." Oops.

Not wanting to tempt fate this morning/last night their facility shut down due to a power outage losing Craglist, and Livejournal as well as other big names. The area has been seeing power problems all day but it seems the backup supply didn't kick in.

Reminds me of a story about a nameless facility that had generators on the roof to run the technical mains in case of power loss then on winters night when the snow was heavy on the ground. The facility lost power and the generators kicked in, after about 15 minutes the generator started to set off the alarms for low fuel. Its seemed that whoever wired the generator into the building wired the fuel pump into the house mains rather than the technical so the pump was not working. So some poor engineer had to spend all night hand filling the generators till the morning came and the power came back on.
View Article  Linked In
I've recently updated my Linked In profile if anyone of you want to link up then add my profile on the link below

View Kevin King's profile on LinkedIn
View Article  all i want is the service i'm paying for
well if you can see this it means my blog is back up's been off since Mon 02/07/07 it seems that somewhere between the company that supplies my blog and interweb is going wrong at a very regular interval. Its been dropping off line since March when i first reported the problem. Well lets see how long its up for?
View Article  Rapped by

Yesterday my blog was flodded by a bot called ID-Search bot with the useragent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; IDBot/1.0; +http:// Within a few minutes it requested around 1,386 pages and came from the IP raping about 50MB of band width in the've got to love those Russian spy bots

Is this a spam-bot or a serious project? Three things which make we wonder

1.) The bot does not (yet) support robots.txt. A quote from their FAQ

Does IDBot accept the directives from robots.txt file?
IDBot can recognize the directives from robots.txt files only partially, which is the result of the scantiness of our resources. Full support of robots.txt will be launched soon.

2.) They are not willing to release their IP addresses. Quote:

Can I learn the IP addresses, which IDBot comes from?
Unfortunately, You can’t since it is against the rules of our company.

3.) They flood servers. According to their FAQ you can write an email to tech support if the bot is causing problems. IMHO this is not a workable solution.

View Article  Users do the funniest things
In my time in tech support land and being a bit of a techie bloke you get some some of the strangest requests and some of the funniest from around the office because you know about technology they think you can fix anything, as I'm not there so often these days I do miss them. Today for instance someone in the office asked me if I could get their ActivSync working as their mobile phone would not sync with their email. Ok I'll have a look, I walked over to the mobile picked it up and noticed the black screen. I didn't want to say "Have you turned it on?" but it just slipped out.I pressed the power button and as if by magic it all started syncing! If only they were all that simple.

This was a classic blond moment if I've seen one.

looks like someone else is having one too
View Article  Gone in 120 seconds: cracking Wi-Fi security
WEP is dead - and here's the proof.
View Article  N95 not all it cracked up to be
as you may well know if you've been following my blog, that I upgrade the Miami Device to a Croquette and Tubbs phone that being the new Nokia N95.

Like I've said before I'd post a review of the phone up here when had a good look at it. Well before I starting writing my I say I've just phoned Orange to return the phone back to them. If that isn't a sign of how much we don't get on I don't know what is! Coming from a Window Mobile environment its was hard to use what seems like a backward OS in Symbian, I suspect if you've always used Nokia phones you find it a blast. I found that the phone took 3 clicks on the keypad to do any normal funcation. It seems Nokia have hidden away all the funations inside a lot of menus and you really have to dig down to get to some of the setting. Some of the feature of the phone I liked were the maps and gps navigation. I tried this out on Friday on a journey to meet a friend on the Southbank for drinks.

I turned the gps on and it started download the map via 3g. I typed the location of were I was trying to get to and the phone told me the location didn't exist, not a good start then i tried the postcode and it found the location and displayed with the address i typed in that it said didn't exist. Oh well not to worry lets check the route. The route seemed to be sending me down all the major roads and across all the main bridges. I check the settings and yes I'd set them to 'foot' rather than 'car'. The route that the phone would have sent me on was going around the houses down the main shopping streets when the quickest route was to use the back streets and across Hungerford bridge. Ok so the route planning looks off. Lets use the GPS to nativate there or find out were we are, I have a little Polstar GPS which I've used around the world to get about with Pocket Streets and it normally picks up the 3 satellites its needs to navigate in about a minute once your out of cover. The Nokia N95 didn't even connected once or give me any GPS data at any point during the whole journey to the Southbank. Yes the GPS was on as I could see 3 or 4 satellites on the information panel but it seems you need 5 for the phone to lock and start giving you data to navigate by. In London the chances of getting 5 satellites to lock if about 1 in 50 due to the height of the buildings and width of the streets which makes this possibly valuable feature useless. The feature set on the phone does seem to be tied together having two gps apps in different places on in applications and one in tools just seems daft. It looks like Nokia have just been trying to hard.

Also Orange have block access to Truphone the VOIP system that comes installed on all Nokia N95's from the factory, this feature has been disabled to Orange can protect their call revenue and not have you make cheap VOIP calls.

All in all if your not it a big city, not into VOIP and you like Nokia OS you might just think this phone is the bees knees but I'm sorry to say its not for me....looks like I'll be getting a SPV E650 after all.
View Article  Miami Device upgrade
Neil king knows that a man should be judged by the devices he owns, with this in mind the old Orange M5000 aka the brick as James Clarke called it. Has been upgraded and retired and I got a all singing and dancing Nokia N95 as a free replacement. Well see how it goes and i'll post a review in a few days. Love the intergrated GPS so far.

View Article  They're tuff...but

They're tuff...but
Originally uploaded by gtvone.

Sime doesn't like blackberries much, well i think he's made his point that he really wants it to work. But i don't think that the blackberry could stand the Extreme Tech Support that can be meated out by engineers these days. Other PDA's be warned.
View Article  whoops more porn daddy?
* Comcast issues apology for programming glitch
Disney Channel viewers in New Jersey were stunned to see the inadvertent display of pornographic programming in place of the children's show "Handy Manny" on Tuesday. The error was chalked up to a technical issue at a Comcast facility. New Jersey's Board of Public Utilities will reportedly take up the matter with the cable provider. 
i just wonder how many heads have rolled. I know many stories like this from my short time working in Soho. I especially like the one that had a company dubbing tapes and someone used some recycled vhs tapes instead of new when dubbing a supermarket training video. The training video was played at a conference they let in run on after the end of the video and the guy didn't stop the deck, so after the training video finished there was about 30 seconds black and then the hardcore porn that had been on the recycled tape. Sadly the guy who dubbed the tape carried the can for that one and lost his job. always remember use new stock....
View Article  bang goes another xbox 360
Well i thought it might only be a matter of time before my Xbox 360 broke again, at Christmas the unit failed with a error were Icould not load any disc into the CD drive the drive made some crunching and loud buzzing sounds on start up. That unit was replaced under warranty by Mircosoft. Today while in the middle of playing GRAW 2. The DVD drive made an awful sound for a second or two. I thought the worst but the game kept on playing and I completed my mission. I turned the console off and then went to do some work I came back tonight to play again and what do I find. the DVD drive will not accept any games or dvd movies it just comes up that every disk is unplayable in the tray icon. So it looks like I'll be returning a second console to Microsft with the same problem. below is a picture of the error from my cameraphone

View Article  Blog or your sacked

We've all heard about employees being sacked for blogging. will staff soon be sacked for failing to blog? Last week, Sony BMG UK issued a new corporate marketing strategy.

According to an official release from the group, Ged Doherty, chairman and chief executive of SonyBMG in UK and Ireland, said the company "has made it obligatory for all senior staff at both Columbia Records and RCA Records to start blogging actively".

So what happens to staff who refuse to toe the corporate line, or perhaps fail to produce the required quantity of blog blather?

more at
View Article  Net Neutrality a Monkey Hangers Guide

Yesterday, Westminster eForum staged the first debate in the UK on "Net Neutrality" - chaired by former DTI minister Alun Michaels and Shadow DTI Charles Hendry. El Reg gave a brief presentation. Here it is, with selected highlights, and a collection of external links for further reading.

more monkey hanging

View Article  Vodafone won't recognise union
And there was me thinking about changing to Vodafone....I think I'm going to be thinking twice about that after reading this.

Vodafone is still refusing to officially recognise the Connect union, which is so keen to represent its members it has taken Vodafone to the government's Central Arbitration Committee to force recognition.

Over half the 200 people working at Vodafone's "Technology: Regional Operations North" office are already members of Connect, which means recognition can be forced on Vodafone to allow collective bargaining on pay, hours, and holiday.

Connect has been fighting for recognition since November last year, and recently went to ACAS with Vodafone in an attempt to negotiate a deal, without success.

Vodafone does not recognise unions in the UK, though its operations in Germany and Ireland do have representation. Vodafone said in a statement it has elected to "follow the statutory recognition route" - which translates as refusing to recognise any union until the law tells it it has to.

"Vodafone continues to value open and direct communication with its employees" - The key word here being "direct", as in not via collective bargaining.

Union membership in high-technology industries has, traditionally, not been very high - when employees can change jobs every month there seems little cause for collective bargining. But as the industry grows up and consolidation constrains the job market, union membership starts to look more attractive.

Connect is currently recognised by BT, O2 and Kingston Communications, though it has members at most of the comms companies, so we can expect similar disputes over the next few years. ®

View Article  Tech Firms Push to Use TV Airwaves for Internet

Cable, Phone Companies Watch Warily

A coalition of big technology companies wants to bring high-speed Internet access to consumers in a new way: over television airwaves. Key to the project ...   more »

View Article  Windows Vista sign @ TCR

Windows Vista sign @ TCR
Originally uploaded by akira_kev.
More bright Ideas it says, well I think a bright idea would be to turn off the lights at 3:16am on a Sunday morning and save us all from more light polution.
View Article  Laptop using driver dies in accident
I think the other Mr King would approve of this story that was found by Damien one of our Dev Guys. He found it on Tom's Hardware Guide. Its a classic case of the geek going too far.

"Using your laptop while driving can be hazardous to your health as one Californian man found out. The 28-year-old man died after his Toyota Corolla slammed head on into a Hummer on Highway 99 north of Sacramento. California Highway Patrol Commander Scott Silsbee told UPI that the man was probably lost control because he was typing on a laptop.

Despite the crash, the laptop was still powered on and was plugged into the cigarette lighter. The occupants of the Hummer were slightly hurt and were treated and released.

View Article  This non linear video editing will never catch on
Avid1 Media Composer Promo

Oh how we loved those Rmags and MO disks....

Well that was then and this is now...
View Article  geek test
I took MSN's Geek Test and apparently I'm a:

Well balanced individual: So what if you answered hell yes to some of the questions!? You are in touch with your inner geek and you aren’t ashamed to admit it - but there are limits…

Step away from th gadgets Kevin!
View Article  Does Microsoft really want to sell Vista in the UK
Something caught me tonight while looking at something else on and, it was the crazy pricing that is being quote for Windows Vista Upgrades on both sites. I've included a screen shot to show you what I mean, the top site is and the bottom

Conversions at todays exchange rate of £1.00 = $1.95. If you did a straight conversion the UK prices for both would be:

78.92 UKP for Home Premium, Differnce of £56.02 which is 42% increase in price
128.11 UKP for Ultimate, Difference of £86.88 which is 40% increase in price.

How can Amazon/Microsoft don't know who is to blame on this but i think I can guess as I see that the marketplace price, justify the near 1:1 conversion rate. Do you think that microsoft forget that you don't just replace a $ sign with a £ sign in prices.

Thankfully the OEM prices aren't as bad and it looks like much more of a deal at mircodirect they are:

£77.32 for Windows Vista-Home Premium 32Bit
£121.01 for WindowsVistaUltimate32Bit
were as the US OEM Version are:

Home Premium: $120.89
Vista Ultimate $205.31

Which are much more like the US upgrade prices, Ok you can't transfer license like you can with full retail versions but I don't think I've ever transfered a personal license I know I have at work, so OEM can be a steal, it will install on a preinstalled system which I have done and it worked off the bat, see blog passim.

So is this a case of Micro$oft getting greedy or another case of rip off Britian.

View Article  PinOut
While helping a friend out with the problem that he bought a S-Video to Scart cable and not a Scart to S-Video cable I came across a new site that I thought I'd better tell you all about. Its Pinouts.RU there in a link to the site on the button below
For many years I've used the Hardware Book i remember when it was a standalone app, both have a wealth of infomation and great for getting you out of trouble.

Get wired at - pinouts of slots, connectors, cables