Well this could be a intresting stand to see at IBC

On its joint stand with NuMedia Technology, the BBC is set to show the latest addition to the Dirac family of open source video compression codecs. The Pro 270 application of Dirac allows the transmission of HDTV signals using the cable and infrastructure already used for standard definition TV. Which is quite sexy if I say so myself....

This requires more compression of HDTV signals than Dirac Pro 1.5, but the new Dirac Pro has the flexibility to achieve this with very little loss of quality. Broadcasters that employ the Pro 270 will have the ability to transform their programme output to HD quickly.

Other reasons to use it include the fact that 1080P50 HD islands can be connected between sites over existing links. And because Dirac is Open Source, the wider industry can use the technology, add to it, and develop other applications. This will be helped by the fact that Dirac is license free too.