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View Article  Users do the funniest things
In my time in tech support land and being a bit of a techie bloke you get some some of the strangest requests and some of the funniest from around the office because you know about technology they think you can fix anything, as I'm not there so often these days I do miss them. Today for instance someone in the office asked me if I could get their ActivSync working as their mobile phone would not sync with their email. Ok I'll have a look, I walked over to the mobile picked it up and noticed the black screen. I didn't want to say "Have you turned it on?" but it just slipped out.I pressed the power button and as if by magic it all started syncing! If only they were all that simple.

This was a classic blond moment if I've seen one.

looks like someone else is having one too
View Article  Cartoon Time
Phil Crawley made a post on his Tech Blog about Tech Support

To which I could only reply with that great Mark Parisi cartoon

View Article  CSI
View Article  Oh what comic brilliance...
This was in the Metro this morning, it feels like everyone had the same joke, if only i could of copyrighted it. What I posted it

This was in the indie, not so much a joke but you know what they are implying.
View Article  Google Analytics and a Curved ball
For some time now I've been using Google Analytics to compile and check stats involving my blog including what search words bring people to this place, not in any crazy way you understand by more curiosity. Normally the logs are pretty boring just lots of searches on techie words or parts numbers that I've blogged about but sometime there is something that like seeing a piece of gold in all the coal you go  "EH, what the WTF?" So without much further ado I present this little piece of Google heaven. Someone searched on the Internet and ended up at my blog because they were searching for:

Yes if like me you went WTF! who in there right mind would put that in a search engine, of course its too broad your going to need to narrow down your search criteria. maybe by county or some such qualifier, but your never going to find it on your first hit, probably need to check Google Images .

But back to Google Analytics and the server weblog, like Sherlock Homes I can tell our pervert lives in Nottingham, uses MSN to search on a Windows XP machine with IE6 and has NTL as a service provider. But Kevin you say how did he or she (yes I'm not going to be sexist, perverts come in all shapes and sizes) end up on your blog its not like my site in the centre for Gaelic Porn or that I have girls and boys with shamrocks covering the most interment places on every page. So a quick look back at the logs and the pages that brought the pervert to this site were::

Vista Content Protection Follow up
: were I mention about a guy who owns the 'core' of the Vista Operating System
New Statesman Blog: post were I mentioned about John Prescott being caught 'shagging'
Reaction to Saddam's Execution post were I mentioned the 'Irish' government statement on Saddam's Death

The word hard didn't bring anything up, I'm so glad that it was a nice bit of techie, left wing politics and got the smut seekers interest just maybe they stopped for two seconds and read the site before they were off to the next site on the list. Come on Kev whats the changes of that.....

BTW if your looking for hard core Irish porn then look no further than here here or here
PS. All Safe for Work
View Article  Nothing says "happy valentines day" like...

View Article  Welsh Train Stations - Cardiff

Platfform sign
Originally uploaded by akira_kev.
Only in Wales could you have a platform 0
View Article  hmm
Big Brother's Jade is now the most unpopular Goodie, breaking Bill Oddie's 20 year run.
View Article  Another Beau Bo D'or classic
You can see it here

but why he used a copy of Rainbow - Long Live Rocknroll to do the art, does anyone admit to having that in their collection? But Kev you know it from the record number he left on the picture....Duh Busted
View Article  From

View Article  Mark Thomas and SOCPA
There is a great article in the Guardian about Mark Thomas and SOCPA today it even has a special apperance of Fisheye, link below,,1920277,00.html#article_continue

past articles on the subject

View Article  Thank god for that. Ricky Gervais shuts his mouth for once
Ricky Gervais is to quit producing podcasts joking he had to "knock it on the head before everyone hates us. I was trying something out. I wanted to see if I could cut out the middle man and make podcasting a commercial concern."
Sorry Ricky everyone hates you already...stopping podcast isn't going to change that.

View Article  You know how much I love banging on about SOCPA
Well last thursday the was a Mass Lone Protest The police presence was minimal (three coppers stood in the shade of a tree about a hundred yards away). The highlight was a live TV broadcast by BBC London allowed the 120 people there to reach a much larger audience than just the tourists gawping from the open-top buses. (Watch the broadcast here.I take great relish in pointing out the undemocratic idiocy of SOCPA. The video's also worth watching to see Mark Thomas take Tory London Assembly member Brian Coleman to pieces. Coleman protested against the protests. Without police permission.)  Arrest that man, officer.

Previous SOCPA posts:
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From the Independent this morning there was a piece in Extra about the use of  Modern Etiquette by J.H.M. Walsh....   more »
View Article  How to fry an egg... on an Apple MacBook

Now we know why Apple's notebooks run hot - the company wants you to own a computer you can cook ...   more »

View Article  Mark Thomas Protest about a Protest

This is another SOCPA inspired demonstration.

It is illegal for an individual to hold a placard protesting in Parliament Square ...   more »
View Article  There are still tickets left - A Night of Conscience

A Night of Conscience

Intoduced by Tony Benn

St. James Church, 197 Piccadilly, London, W1J ...   more »