Lugh sent this to the LIST today, I just spent 5 hours swearing very loudly His message read as follows:

I Bet I Can Make You All Swear Loudly Several Times Today :-P ...

Don't believe me huh?

Ok then.  I can live with that but, you will swear, and swear loudly.
So loud in fact, that your neighbours may complain.
They might even call the cops.
Your cat or dog (if you have one) may meaow or yelp and bolt under the sofa.
Your budgie (if you have one) will run to the other end of its' perch and tremble with fear.
Hampsters and mice will definitely hide deep in their straw.  Terrified at the racket you're making.
The local preacher, priest or vicar may refuse to call by *ever again* when he hears you.

Still don't believe huh?
Right ya feckers!You've asked for it :-P ...

 *(Runs) ...*
Lugh ;-) ...