Stay Beautiful's pavement is normally covered in glitter on the best of night but tonight was special the Manics own Nicky Wire was gracing the stage with his band Secret Society. Coming on stage at Stay Beautiful @ the Purple Turtle in a pink suit started the evening off with an another glint of Wow. The crowd were dressed in their finest glam and the makeup are applied to bothe girls and boys in equal measure. While the band rocked on Nicky first picked up guitar and crooned the vocals through new songs and old with the highlight being Mr Carbohydrate. Nicky never has been the best singer in the world but he can hold his own with the best of them. Even when he talks about this daughter parents evening between songs, its it just me of is that the new rock 'n roll. I can't wait to see what the album produces. Another highlight of the night was being interviewed by BBC Radio 6's The Music Week reporter on what I thought of the gig.