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Feeding Time at the Zoo
Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
Recent Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
View Article  Is Iraq the new Hartlepool?

Saddam's Dog executed

Iraq: Shortly after the execution of the dictator Saddam Hussein, his dog Blondi followed the same fate to the gallows. Contrary to Saddam, Blondi’s execution was ...   more »
View Article  Welcome to the next round of bloodshed in the name of peace.   more »
View Article  i heard the news today on boy
I got back after a great dinner at my brothers to find a small disaster on my plate, my Zune library was corrupt, I had a nice big warning dialogue back on the screen and thought "eek". Well i tried to reconnect the zune and the library would not connect.. It send that I had no items in my library but everytime i tried to add a monitor folder the library would lose the setting.

So I've had to do the biggy and remove the Zune Software and start again from scratch. One intresting thing was that when I connected the Zune player it said it could only be connected as a guest as the Zune was already registered on another computer or I could wipe the pairing and start the library from scratch.....thanks...I've got about 22% through my 34,000 items so far and I think its going to be a long day rebuilding.

Oh well we live and learn
View Article  From

View Article  James Brown dead

to quote Pop Will Eat Itself "Not now James, We're busy!"
View Article  Xmas Cheer

Originally uploaded by akira_kev.
Well its not every day you come home to this on your road, I grabbed the camera and rushed out to get what pictures I could. Apparently the driver ran away from the accident.
View Article  Radio 4 SOCPA vote
Radio 4 the Today programme is having a poll to decide which laws should be repelled. The SOCPA law (permission to demonstrate in Parliament Square) has made it on to the short list. If you want to vote to scrap the law follow instructions bellow.


The Christmas Repeal! Now is our chance to vote against this law that ban unauthorised demonstration anywhere around Parliament.

However, we are up against the Hunters who are known for their mobilising skills. Please vote for SOCPA to be repealed and circulate this to others.

You can vote by phone:
  0901 5221001 to repeal the Dangerous Dogs Act
  0901 5221002 to repeal the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act
  0901 5221003 to repeal the Human Rights Act
  0901 5221004 to repeal the European Communities Act
  0901 5221005 to repeal the Hunting Act
  0901 5221006 to repeal the Act of Settlement

Or go to the web link above to vote online.

Please distribute this info far and wide to make SOCPA win this vote
- it will be a moral, if not actual, victory.
View Article  Happy Christmas
happy christmas to all my blog reader, I hope you get everything you want.

Personally I don't think I'm going to get world peace this year as its been out of stock for some time and the batteries are definitely not included.
View Article  If you thinking of using Parcels2go, think twice
You might have noticed a comment I made about my Zune on arriving la few weeks ago. .It finally arrived no thanks to the couier company Parcel2go are ...   more »
View Article  walking in Wanstead
Went for a walk on Saturday up to Wanstead Park,

History lesson: Since the time of Henry VIII, a grand manor house stood at the heart of the Wanstead Park eastate. Unfortunately, in 1812 the widowed owner of the estate re-married to the nephew of the Duke of Wellington who prompty squandered her fortune on his extravagant lifestyle. The house and grounds were sold off to repay his debts.

Today, all that remain are the decaying remnants of the formal gardens, dating from the early eighteenth century. These gardens include a series of artificial ponds, the most interesting of which are are the ornamental waters which are maintained as a nature reserve.anis great for photographs

Having been a decadent English estate, naturally Wanstead Park has its share of follies, including a ruined grotto boat-house and a mock-classical Temple.

Photo of one of the pond
View Article  Microsoft wins ruling to ban spam list sales

OUT-LAW News, 15/12/2006

Microsoft has stopped a man from selling lists of email addresses which were being used for spam. A court has granted a summary judgment against Paul ...   more »

View Article  photoshop cs3 beta

The beta for the new PhotoshopCS3 is availible

New features for the Photoshop CS3 beta include the following:

  • Non-destructive Smart Filters
    Smart Filters are Photoshop filters that are applied ...   more »
View Article  Two tribes go to war
The story of youth rivalries between 'Chavs' and 'Goths' in Peterborough, and how the local council have come up with radical solutions to the violence, binge drinking and anti social behaviour. The council has organised 'airsoft' battles between the two groups in nearby woods.

BBC Choice

The Show:

Some how I think it wasn't the goths that we being violent, binge drinking or causing anti social behaviour and the council had to give the chavs a target.
View Article  pda hard times

One dead pda
Originally uploaded by akira_kev.
Lesson in life # 203: Never get into a taxi at 4 in the morning with your pda and your wallet in the same pocket, becasue this happens.