Stay at home, stay tucked up in bed. Thats what my "horrorscope" said this morning. Waking up knowing that I had to got Heathrow I tried to mentally prepare myself for the pain. So i got cleaned up and picked up my last few things and turned on the work mobile. I had a message from 10pm on Saturday night. "Mr King this is to inform you that your flight to Vancouver is now leaving at 12:30 and not the time advertised." PANIC, I'm standing in East London at 9.30 thinking I should be at Heathrow now, thanks for the ...So I get my cases together get on the tube and get going on the hammersmith and city line to paddington to get the Heathrow Express. London Underground don't let me down I need you today please I screamed and woe betide the man who wishes for London Underground not to fail. It pulls a classic out of the hat and deals me "person taken ill in the train in front". I we hadn't been stuck in a tunnel then I think I would have got out there and got a taxi to Paddington. Finally after what seems like hours we get going we get to Baker Street, they is an announcement which I don't hear because I'm listening Johnny Cash "Hurt" on the old Iriver. Which is that the train will now terminate at Edware Road, one stop short of Paddington. We get to Edware Road everyone disembarks its 10.50am I'm getting stopped at every turn I'm starting to feel like John Clease in "Clockwise". Bugger the tube, Jump into a cab the one stop to Paddington. Get my ticket for the express and then I turn the corner and see a almighty queue of about 200 people, my heart sinks then I notice all the shirts they are all wearing blue, they are Chelsea fans going to the charity shield match and not going to the airport, result. Well I get on the heathrow express and can you guess what happens....yes points failure at airport crossover. Joy oh joy. Its 11.20 we get to Heathrow I rush upstairs and am greeted by a scene out of a nightmare I once had, everywhere is people with bags trying to get into the terminal. I'm think noway am I going to get into the terminal before 12.30 never mind that checkin will be closed. That is when an angel appeared, in a high-vis jacket "Which flight sir?" "The 12:30 to Vancouver but I think I'd have missed it" "No sir you haven't come with me" and with that she clears away through the throng and escorts me to the Air Canada checkin, the high-vis girl drops me next to the air cananda queue and an attendant say "Which flight sir?" "the 12:30 to Vancouver", "Oh Sir that flight has been delayed you'll be travelling at 3.30pm, what the original time that flight was booked for?" "Yes Sir". At this point my body stopped work, my mind crashed....the red mist disappeared....I've never been happier to have a 3 hour delay in a airport. so after a nine and half hour flight with no music and a v. poor entertainment system, X-men was really bad the first time, and the only consolation was that I had a very nice person called Kate next to me to speak to I'm here in Vancouver. So it 4.30am Monday UK time so I'm off to bed now.