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View Article  Save the Intrepid Fox

The Intrepid Fox has existed since 1784, and in recent years it has been one of the remaining havens for fans of the goth and alternative culture of London.(other than The SHIP on the same street) The owning brewery has recently sold the property to developers, who wish to turn it into flats. The Intrepid Fox is due to close on September 11th 2006.

While the news has been released at very short notice (no doubt to the advantage of the sellers and buyers, if not the management and punters), I believe that it is still worthwhile lodging a complaint with relevant parties. It may not make a difference, it may be too late, but the Fox is one of the last bastions (particularly in central London) of the alternative/gothic culture and well worth stating a desire to protect. (even if the toilets are sometime very smelly)

The petition is below also a number of other ways to help are on the Save the Fox Website
Save The Intrepid Fox Petition

There is more information and further contact details at
Evening Standard. To read it, visit

View Article  Mitsubishi announces 1920x1080 projectors for home-use
Can I have one for christmas.... hc5000

with a price of  below ¬£2000

View Article  You know how much I love banging on about SOCPA
Well last thursday the was a Mass Lone Protest The police presence was minimal (three coppers stood in the shade of a tree about a hundred yards away). The highlight was a live TV broadcast by BBC London allowed the 120 people there to reach a much larger audience than just the tourists gawping from the open-top buses. (Watch the broadcast here.I take great relish in pointing out the undemocratic idiocy of SOCPA. The video's also worth watching to see Mark Thomas take Tory London Assembly member Brian Coleman to pieces. Coleman protested against the protests. Without police permission.)  Arrest that man, officer.

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