Most people know how much I feel that our chimp/ape/monkey cousins are closer to human than some people classed as human well someone Danny Wallace with the help of the Horizon team has made a programme about the subject here's the blurb off the bbc website

Tuesday 10 October 2006, 9pm on BBC Two

Danny Wallace  is on a mission to convince the world that chimps are people too. He believes the time has come to make our hairy relatives part of the family. Our primate brethren share 99.4% of our crucial DNA and are more closely related to us than they are to gorillas. This being so, should they be afforded the same rights as people?

The reason for this scientific showdown is simple. If chimps can communicate, cook and reason, then how different are they to humans? Armed with the latest scientific evidence, Danny travels the globe to quiz primatologists, philosophers and animal rights lawyers to investigate whether or not chimps should be classed as people