I saw this article on the BBC website it says that the average commute is now 139 hours a year, so I thought I'd work out how long I spend in  on my commute into London, and I wasn't shocked to find it is 348 hours or 14 and half days a year. (45 minutes each way, it’s the same on bike or tube)  Apparently the average on the survey  for London is 225 hours per year. Which works out at  29 minutes each way, personally I can only think of one person who I know that has a commute of about that. I would love to know what the definition of London they are using, is that greater London all the way to the M25 or people working in  the main core say working inside Tube zone 3.

The Math of the Journey
 225 hours =  13500 minutes
working days in a year 260 - (20holidays - 8 bank holidays) = 232 working days
13500 /  232 = commute per day 58.189 minutes per day
29.1 minutes each way

University of the West of England academics, urged commuters to use the time to "re-energise". Reading the paper, sleeping or day-dreaming had benefits, they said. HAHAHAHA they have never been on the Tube in rush hour have they. If you can get a seat away for the woman who forgot to put her makeup on before leaving the house and is trying in vein to do it on a bouncing train and not to look like koko the clown or the commuter with there Ipod so loud that you can just about make out the whole tune that you can sing along. Then you might be the lucky to daydream just before getting shoved in the back by someone with backpack or a handbag who has zero space awareness.. ah the joys of commuting