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Feeding Time at the Zoo
Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
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View Article  Where is Kevin King?
View Article  Ballmer Peak
View Article  Wot No Coffee!

Wot no coffe!
Originally uploaded by akira_kev.
The Cubika broke this morning and I wasn't happy. So ever the engineer I open her up and it turns out that limescale had created a air pocket in the pipe that was stopping the water pumping. A little tweal if the pipe to break the limescale and we are back in caffine heaven. Now time for a coffee
View Article  always have been and always will be!
After yesterday post about the deaths of Rock stars I went back and listen to a few tracks and this morning I found this on youtube.
I've always loved the Manic Street Preachers and always will be a sad old Manics fan, its for performances like this. Manic Street Preachers - Sleepflower - Live Sapporo 21-10-1993. You can take the band but you'll never destroy the spirit!!!

View Article  Whatever happened to the Heroes?
You know your getting old when your heroes start dying, this week we've lost Paul Raven the bassist from Killing Joke he was found on Saturday in Geneva, where he was recording dead in a chair from a suspected heart attack. And today I find out Jacqueline Breyer (Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge), of Psychic TV Lady Jaye died suddenly on Tuesday 9th October 2007 at home in Brooklyn, New York from a previously undiagnosed heart condition which is thought to have been connected with her long-term battle with stomach cancer. Lady Jaye collapsed and died in the arms of her heartbroken "other half" Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.
View Article  Real Time Media Networks
Broadcast Engineering the local parish magazine in this neck of the woods printed a Phil Crawley esk article on running media over networks. One of the great statements it makes it that "the indeterminate nature of an IT network is fundamentally at odds with its use in media applications. It could be argued that Ethernet and IP are the worst possible network technologies for real-time media systems." and that "A modern broadcast technologist must think in terms of both the broadcast engineering and IT domains when designing a networked infrastructure that must support real-time transcoding." So the next time our designing a broadcast IT network, don't let the spotty Dilbert from IT that fixes the email server design it, call in a qualified broadcast engineer. The Article in question
View Article  Welcome to the Digital Age
Are you ready for the digital television switch over, well it starts tomorrow. In Whitehaven in Cumbria Whitehaven is the first place in the UK to have its old Analogue signals turned off, first they lose BBC2 and slowly by 2012 the rest of the UK will be switched to digital only and the frequencies used for other things like the advance in mobile communications.
View Article  Televison is not what it used to be
Sex and violence may sell, but if you want better ratings you got to have some substance says a study, the boston globe covers it here "fuck you you fuckin fuck" Crudeness and the slipping standards of TV, despite big fines fruity language is up on TV, you can read the full article
View Article  A Career in Television
This is so true it hurts.....
View Article  How long did it take for your computer to boot this morning?
Did you get a chance to make a cup of tea, well put that cup down, its already booted. New Asus Mobo's will have Slashtop on them, The point of Splashtop is to get you surfing the web seconds after you press that power button. Virtualise the device and your up and running. check out the video below for more info or check out their website
View Article  Some one really doesn't like Billie Piper
Well it seem they decided to put up a poster of a scantily clad Billie Piper in one of the most conservative neighborhoods in London. Someone seems to have taken offense to the poster and covered it in White Gloss. Some one really doesn't like billie piper

The picture that they splattered is this one
View Article  Xsanity
The Grand Master Gee has been spending too much time getting the Silverlight love and has this on his blog, Xsan madness
View Article  Untitled
My life is a very complicated drinking game
View Article  Ronnie Hazlehurst RIP
Theme tune writer Hazlehurst dies
Ronnie Hazlehurst
Ronnie Hazlehurst wrote some of the BBC's best-loved theme tunes

Ronnie Hazlehurst, who wrote the theme tunes for television shows such as Blankety Blank and Last of the Summer Wine, has died aged 79.


I still remeber the Mary Whitehouse experence sketch about him, where they taking about the track my friend billy has a ten foot willy and he's nailed to the girl next door.

He also did the theme to Yes Minister.

View Article  Burn Baby Burn
A Bomb in Wardour St,? Nt really a bit of fire/gas on Berwick Street.  I'm glad I left work early as Phil's picture shows everyone else left early too.
View Article  Tom Ford fulfils Hicks' prophecy

 From the List:

Hardcastle:  "For those of you familiar with Bill Hicks' stand up, I'm sure you'll rememeber his bit about the ultimate telivision commercial, where a girl is completely nude and touching herself. All it says is "Drink Coke". For those of you unfamiliar with this, here's the clip:

Well, it would seem that fashion designer Tom Ford has made it all reality.

 Jessic: "The obvious conclusion to draw from this is that it smells like minge... Erm I mean shocking state of society exploitation etc."