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Feeding Time at the Zoo
Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
Recent Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
View Article  are you happy?

Originally uploaded by Planet Me.
Saw this on Mark's Blog and thought i'd share,
View Article  Pay the Writer

"What is Warner Brothers? Out with an eye patch and a tin cup on the street?"
View Article  iphone spoof commercial

View Article  Free Oyster card offer
Anyone who comes to London knows how expensive it is to get around, well if your a tourist. You pay alot less if you have a Oyster Card, but you used to have to pay a 3 pound deposit and pay in advance to get one so anyone coming to London  didn't used to have the time. Well Transport for London are running a promotion in line with the new London Overground network. You can get a Oyster Card for free and just top it up.

Get your free Oyster card here

Oyster pay as you go is now valid across the new London Overground network. Click below to receive your free Oyster card.

Get my FREE Oyster card
View Article  another one bites the dust

Last night the New Frontier hotel and casino was demolished, another bit of Vegas history gone. Now with Westwood Ho and Stardust gone all that is left at the top of the strip is Circus Circus and the Riviera

Click for Demo Video

The Strip at Night
View Article  The Iphone

Stephen fry said exactly what i was going to say "The rest of the world can mock as much as it likes. If you’re going to have a phone/video player/slideshow/music centre/web browser/camera in your pocket, is it so wrong to want one that makes you grin from ear to ear? Not with smugness (though heaven knows the enemies of the device will read that into the smiles) but with delight."

May I present my Iphone, yes I have as my Gee at work put it. "Sucked on the Apple Crack Pipe." (C) 2007

I didn't have a good time with the Nokia N95 and found it to be a bit of a dog with a battery life of a dying bee. So lets hope the iphone is better.

Which way to the Kool-Aid.