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Re: Re: rebrands good old
by The Trained Monkey
Hi Vytor As you noticed above I didn't say the quote you say i made, it was a direct quote from a email i recieved. Let hope for Border HQ buiness that they have hired more than as you say "one new staff member" Lets hope whoever it is, is a new broom and can change they type of bad customer service myself and many other recieved for there stories you just have google. You said "Incidentally where did the claim of "Parcel2go or FAM Logistics as they like to be know seem to be giving peoples personal data away to new companies willynilly" come from? as youve clearly identified there effectively the same company, there hardly giving away details willy nilly?" Well yes they are and they are doing it against the law if you read the Data Protection Act 1998 each seperate company that uses personal data in the UK has to be registered with the Information Commissioner Office and in that registeration they have to say what they will be using the personal data for ie administration, direct marketing etc. So as I pointed out in my blog article FAM logitics are registered with the ICO and have Parcel2go registered as one of their other trading names but nowhere in the Infomation Commissioner register is Border HQ listed therefore Border HQ are using data (email address etc ) against the letter and in breach of the data protection act section 11 and 19. Parcel2go are also in breach as nowhere in their registration does it say they will transfer personal data to other companies therefore they breach of their undertaking and the Data Controller at FAM Logistics could be guilty of an ofference under sections 18 and 20. Personal data in this day and age is very valuable especailly to fraudster and scammers so companies should look carefully should they treat this data and what they have said to the piublic and the goiverment about what they are going to do with their data, this is how we can make sure our personal data is safe these are the safe guards. If companies start doing things with our personal data they shouldn't then its time to worry and inform the relavent authorities whoi can keep these law breaking companies in check.
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