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View Article  Microsfot DRM hacked
A program called Fairuse4wm has been posted on the net and is apparently capable of breaching Microsoft's Digital Rights Management (DRM) system.

FairUse4WM is a GUI version of drmdbg that supports individualization version .3930 and some WM11 versions.

Basic requirements
1. Only works on individualized DRM file
2. Requires WM10 or WM11. Won't work on WM9.

View Article  Apple recall on laptop batteries
The announcement affects laptop computers - the iBook G4 and Powerbook G4 - sold between October 2003 and August 2006.

"We discovered that some Sony batteries in previous models of PowerPC-based iBooks and PowerBooks do not meet Apple's standards for safety and performance," Apple said in a statement.

Computer model nameBattery model numberBattery serial numbers
12-inch iBook G4A1061ZZ338 through ZZ427
3K429 through 3K611
6C510 through 6C626
12-inch PowerBook G4A1079ZZ411 through ZZ427
3K428 through 3K611
15-inch PowerBook G4A1078 and A11483K425 through 3K601
6N530 through 6N551

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled batteries immediately and contact Apple to arrange for a replacement battery, free of charge. After removing the recalled battery from their iBook or PowerBook, consumers should plug in the AC adapter to power the computer until a replacement battery arrives.

Consumer Contact: : Contact Apple at (800) 275-2273 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. CT Monday through Sunday or log on to Apple’s Web site at to check the battery’s serial number and request a replacement battery.

View Article  sorry for the outage
Well it seems my blog was getting a little popular and I exceeded my bandwidth allocation, so I've upgrade my site and we are back rocking and rolling.
View Article  WEP encryption cracked easily and quickly...

Worried about continued toWEP at home, this new research finally provides a crack that's usable, within a few hours.  You'd need access via another connection to a host already on the internet, some carefully selected hardware and this new software, but you can in about 2 hours read all the traffic, and connect to and use the network. Time to change encryption
View Article  M$ 1 Sony 0
Friend Roy did post:

Microsoft have just pulled their joker out of the hat before the Playstation3 launch. After learning from the original xbox hackers and
giving the 360 a mediacentre, (they did Actually credit the xbox hackers in their launch video), they've now announced that they will not only allow homebrew content on the 360, they are encouraging it!

And Sony must be sick to their stomach as they were the most well known company for doing this with their PS1 Net Yaroze project.
View Article  Happy Birthday "the PC"
Today is the PC's 25th Birthday, 25 years ago IBM displayed their 5150 to the public, oh what have you done!

View Article  bring out your dead...Quack
pple has asked owners of its 15in MacBook Pro notebook who bought their machine between February and May 2006 to ...   more »
View Article  HDMI Standard evolves

While talking in the office James mentioned that there was going to be yet another leap in the HDMI Standard, ...   more »

View Article  The strange things that turn up in your log files
I was doing a bit of house keeping on my webserver this afternoon and came across the very strange entry ...   more »
View Article  Image processing the microsoft way

Photosynth is a new image processing technology from Microsoft that takes a collection of images (say, of a famous ...   more »
View Article  Oh the Joys of ordering online
On Friday I ordered a USB tv tuner for my new pc. I did the normal web search for the ...   more »
View Article  Digital music player for the serious
Wi-fi music player gets serious

it plays
for Compressed formats (MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MP2, MusePack, WMA), Uncompressed formats (AIFF, WAV, PCM) and of course Lossless Formats (Apple Lossless, FLAC, WMA Lossless)

It seem they really have up'd their game and not compromised with any of the parts or connectors in this one and at $1,999 (£1,079)  is not that too pricey for the audiophile pockets.

Manufactures website
View Article  AMD to buy graphics vendor ATI for $5.4B
It’s a TLA Day, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has agreed to buy Canadian
graphics chip vendor ATI Technologies Inc. for about $5.4 billion in cash
and stock, the companies announced today.

Rumors that AMD would buy ATI have circulated for a couple of months. If
approved, the deal will add significantly to AMD's product line, bringing in
a lineup of cutting-edge graphics chips and chip sets that include
integrated graphics capabilities. Much like the Intel line up
View Article  How to fry an egg... on an Apple MacBook

Now we know why Apple's notebooks run hot - the company wants you to own a computer you can cook ...   more »

View Article  ContentAgent 2.1
James the CTO of Root6 Technology post in his blog

ContentAgent 2.1 has just gone into the final stages of testing.  Some of the new features include:

CropperCapture[3]Avid MXF Writing Enhacements

  • Support for 28:1, 15:1 and 14:1 JFIF resolutions in PAL and NTSC
  • Insertion of Timecode metadata intro resulting MXF file

General Enhancements

  • Enhanced support for running ContentAgent on “Full” Windows XP (as well as XP Embedded)
  • On-screen keyboards throughout UI CropperCapture[12]
  • Touchscreen support in workflow designer
  • Template import from ContentAgent v1.3
  • Enhanced performance for browsing folders with large number of files
  • Improvements to the licensing system

Capture Enhancements

  • Visual adjustments for video cropping boarders
  • Input Proc Amp controls for Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Colour Gain, Colour Balance, Gamma
  • Vertical blanking support for handling 608 line capture (PAL) and 512 line (NTSC)
  • Improved input video format detection
  • Live capture for a set time period

Image sequence creation

  • Platinum Transcode engine can now transcode video to BMP, JPEG, TIFF, Targa, PNG, JPEG2000 and DPX file sequences CropperCapture[15]

MPEG Multiplexing Workflow node

AutoCropping on still frame grabs

Export clip metadata as XML

This release will be available as a free-of-charge update to all on software maintenance.

View Article  You call is important to us!
How important, so important that we don't answer your call and when we do we cut you off. So more hold music at the back of the queue when you call back.

Isn't it wonderful when people don't do there job and promise you that they will sort it, rearraging a delivery for the day you can make rather than a day when you can't, are you listening Dell Customer Service.

Have you ever though about asking your staff to do what they say to customers. I won't name and shame yet but if a company is judged by the way it treats it customers through customer service the Dell has poor third world customer service,
View Article  Courier Companies

I've always wondered by courier companies never ring the person they are going to delivery to before they send the ...   more »

View Article  German archivists have found a way to store and access digital data for centuries -- convert it to analog.

The data pool in the universe is continuously growing. More and more information is being saved digitally on CDs and DVDs -- but these thin silver disks have a life-span of only about five years. That may be sufficient for the average user at home or work, but archives and libraries face the threat of massive loss.


At the end of June, specialists gathered for a colloquium in the library at the University of Stuttgart. They met to conclude the so called ARCHE project, which sought a long-term solution for storing digital data -- and found one.


View Article  Tomorrow is D-day
 Tuesday is D-Day for Windows 98, 98 SE and ME users. After some extensions, Microsoft is finally ending its association ...   more »
View Article  PlayStation 2 in VAT Sting
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd  have been caught by the TaxMan They have been calling the Playstation 2 machines as ...   more »
View Article  Sky launches its text to record service
Sky has launched a service allowing customers to text their Sky+ boxes from anywhere in the world, instructing it to ...   more »
View Article  Microsoft will be the sole supplier of Engine Control Units to Formula 1.
beginning in 2008, Microsoft will be the sole supplier of Engine Control Units to Formula 1. Apparently, moving to ...   more »
View Article  WiMAX in the UK. Here's why it won't fly

This article is from old friend Steve KennedyThe Article is from the great technology news service

WiMAX is ...   more »

View Article  Fatman iTube
Forget today's synthetic sound systems - if you want to give your digital tracks the audiophile treatment, you need to take a look at the Fatman iTube. Yes, it's an old-fashioned valve amp for your portable player, which promises to give the music from your iPod "a luscious warm analogue sound". While old-school technology might be at work for the music output, the iTube is still a very modern piece of kit. It's essentially a docking station for all iPods (except the shuffle), which comes with a remote control so you can sit back and enjoy the music - or if you hook it up to the TV, you can enjoy your pictures and video clips, again controlled by the remote.

Will it really improve your music that much? You can find out in July, when it goes on sale for £300.
View Article  dedicated 2nd video out from the ibooks

Owen a good friend and Video Artist

has told me that "You can get dedicated 2nd video out from the ibooks – it’s built into the graphics card, but has been disabled in the operating system. Install this - and you have a dedicated second video out J

It’s installed on Tony’s ibook and has been on two of Andy’s without any negative effects…there’s even the software to undo it should you want to take it in for repair and not have a voided warranty….

View Article  when is 2K not 2K
When your uprez'ing to DCI 2K from Standard 2K files, oh how many times am i going to refering to ...   more »
View Article  Roys New Toy
help people send big links via the web or for that matter over the telphone its called   more »
View Article  Gamma Curves
This was a post that Phil the Chief Engineer here at Root6 made in his blog regarding  Gama Curves and future developement of ContentAgent.....permlink to the post
View Article  Broadcast live
just having spent three days on a stand setting my purple flares 'hot wares' at Broadcast live
at Earl Court Two, were the great and the good of the Television industry came to look at shiny boxes and electronics with blue leds on them, I  bumped into a few old faces and had a good time meeting some new ones and hopefully soon to be good customers as well. Had the wonder pleasure of showing the sales people at Sony how to dub one tape format to another with audio. The key to it guys is arming the audio tracks, giggles

He's a picture of top bloke it all going well Phil?


Other pictures here and here
View Article  order your Sony Playstation 3 now
Bloody hell not at that price....Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) has gone on sale on the web despite not being launched until November this year. Pre order now for disappointment at Christmas, at the very cheap honest guv price of £550 ($1,020) at online shop,