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Feeding Time at the Zoo
Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
Recent Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
View Article  somewhere over the pond
Well I'm delayed at chicago o'hare so I thought I'd upload a shot I took on my photo on the way over. its a shot  over the wing into the horizon

View Article  Vista Content Protection
A few weeks again a question came up on 'the List' regarding Vista Content Protection so like a good boy I forwarded it the man on the inside James. Well he's posted a response and here it is from his Blog.

A while ago Kev posted a comment here about this paper that talks about Content Protection in Vista.  There is now an official reply here by Dave Marsh who's the guy that now owns video in the core OS (good guy.. once worked for Snell & Willcox).

Bottom line is that a) any OS that wants to legally play commercial content in new HD formats will have to do something similar b) when you play regular unprotected content, all of these mechanisms are switched off. 

As you'd expect, there is the predictable fuss about this from the peanut gallery.  As a consumer, I'm glad that I can play HD-DVDs on my PC.  That doesn't mean I like the increased layers of DRM that have been mandated.  I'm also not so glad that, when I put an HD-DVD disc into my DVD player it can potentially re-flash the firmware of the device if the device is on a list of compromised players.  But that's the world we now live in thanks to widespread piracy.

View Article  hmm
Big Brother's Jade is now the most unpopular Goodie, breaking Bill Oddie's 20 year run.
View Article  crimping tool anyone?
Can you pop me a connector on the end of this cable?
What do you think Phil are you man enough?
View Article  It's Coming Home, its Coming home......Windows is coming Home
Windows Home Server promo site,

 the Center for Digital Amnesia Awareness

View Article  Britons to be scanned for FBI database,,1984496,00.html

Millions of Britons who visit the United States are to have their fingerprints stored on the FBI database alongside those of criminals, in a move that has outraged civil rights groups.

The Observer has established that under new plans to combat terrorism, the US government will demand that visitors have all 10 fingers scanned when they enter the country. The information will be shared with intelligence agencies, including the FBI, with no restrictions on their international use. more on link

To the people who say "if you're innocent you have nothing to fear. I would gladly have my ten toe prints taken too if only to be able to step foot in the 'Land of the Free" I present this:

original graphic by Winjer 2004
View Article  We need a 'Bribery Tsar' for the 21st century

If bribery is so good for jobs, why should it be a crime? writes Mark Thomas in the New Statesman Blog

The war on terror has been used to justify many things from the Brian Haw law (to make protesters get permits) to illegally invading Iraq. It is indeed a small wonder that John Prescott when caught shagging didn’t opt for the “war on terror” defence.

I for one would pay money to see him declaring, “We have it on reliable intelligence information that unless I put my penis in the woman’s vagina then terrorists will detonate a nuclear dirty bomb device. In London, quite possibly at Battersea Dogs Home or somewhere else with a large collection of vulnerable pets.” more here

View Article  Great London rail fare rip-off
I don't normally praise The Sun out of habit,but they have come up with a classic story...,,2-2007000415,00.html

Something that we've known for a long time but that London's Tube system is the world's most expensive train journey.

It's not, as hackette Caroline Iggulden found out, a luxury excursion on the Orient Express, but rather a 43-second jaunt on the Piccadilly Line between Covent Garden and Leicester Square: 43 seconds covering 0.26km for a whopping £4.

That's 1.5 pence per metre, as the paper helpfully points out, easily topping the next most expensive short hop on the Tokyo Metro which comes in at £1.51. In New York, in contrast, "a subway ride costs £1.07, and in Rome just 67 pence and allows unlimited rides on tubes and buses for 75 minutes".

View Article  Saddam Dog Faked
I posted a story about Saddam Dog being Executed last week,

I have now found that the story is FAKE.......the picture has been faked

The photo is found on DOGS DESERVE BETTER website which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained dog, and bringing our ‘best friend’ into the home and family.

warning distressing pictures
the orginal picture is on

the orginal picture is here

View Article  Another Beau Bo D'or classic
You can see it here

but why he used a copy of Rainbow - Long Live Rocknroll to do the art, does anyone admit to having that in their collection? But Kev you know it from the record number he left on the picture....Duh Busted
View Article  Petiton for the stripping of Jeffery Archer's peerage
After my post the other day about Naseem Hamed being stripped of MBE and wanting Jeffery Archer to go the same way, well Steve Ayland sent me this petition that is on the goverment's Number 10 site and it is a petiton to have Jeffery Archer stripped of his peerage. So get down and sign up and tell your friends.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Strip Jeffery Archer of his peerage. 

Submitted by Steve Ayland – Deadline to sign up by: 03 July 2007

View Article  Kodak Moments

Kodak has a sense of humour
View Article  6 Months of Blogging

I'm posting this a bit for person reference but the graph above shows the stats from my first six months blogging,

Top Articles in December were:
Saddam Dog Executed:
Courier Companies:
If you thinking of using Parcels2go, think twice:
View Article  Lord Archer and the Stripper
Naseem Hamed stripped of MBE

Former world boxing champion Naseem Hamed has been stripped of his MBE after serving a jail term for dangerous driving.

32-year-old Hamed served 16 weeks of a 15-month term in Moorland Prison, Doncaster for causing serious injury to Anthony Burgin in a high-speed crash in May 2005.

An official notice said the Queen had directed that Hamed's name be erased from the Order of the British Empire.

So does that mean we can get rid of these too?

Lord Brocket - convicted of insurance fraud, having dismantled and hidden four of the Ferraris, claiming them to be stolen.
Lord Archer - Convicted of perjury and perverting the course of justice and sent to prision for 4 years..
Dame Shirley Porter - convicted in the high court of running an council Building Stable Communities policy that was completely illegal and ordered to pay £27,000,000.back to Westminster Council
Sir Clive Thompson - Chairman involved in the collapse of the Farepak Christmas hamper company

Or sorry I forgot it doesn't work like that does it...if it did the honour system would be fair and you would not be able to throw them at members of your family for doing what they done since prat around on a horse
View Article  Is Iraq the new Hartlepool?

Saddam's Dog executed

Iraq: Shortly after the execution of the dictator Saddam Hussein, his dog Blondi followed the same fate to the gallows. Contrary to Saddam, Blondi’s execution was ...   more »
View Article  Welcome to the next round of bloodshed in the name of peace.   more »
View Article  i heard the news today on boy
I got back after a great dinner at my brothers to find a small disaster on my plate, my Zune library was corrupt, I had a nice big warning dialogue back on the screen and thought "eek". Well i tried to reconnect the zune and the library would not connect.. It send that I had no items in my library but everytime i tried to add a monitor folder the library would lose the setting.

So I've had to do the biggy and remove the Zune Software and start again from scratch. One intresting thing was that when I connected the Zune player it said it could only be connected as a guest as the Zune was already registered on another computer or I could wipe the pairing and start the library from scratch.....thanks...I've got about 22% through my 34,000 items so far and I think its going to be a long day rebuilding.

Oh well we live and learn
View Article  From

View Article  James Brown dead

to quote Pop Will Eat Itself "Not now James, We're busy!"
View Article  Xmas Cheer

Originally uploaded by akira_kev.
Well its not every day you come home to this on your road, I grabbed the camera and rushed out to get what pictures I could. Apparently the driver ran away from the accident.
View Article  Radio 4 SOCPA vote
Radio 4 the Today programme is having a poll to decide which laws should be repelled. The SOCPA law (permission to demonstrate in Parliament Square) has made it on to the short list. If you want to vote to scrap the law follow instructions bellow.


The Christmas Repeal! Now is our chance to vote against this law that ban unauthorised demonstration anywhere around Parliament.

However, we are up against the Hunters who are known for their mobilising skills. Please vote for SOCPA to be repealed and circulate this to others.

You can vote by phone:
  0901 5221001 to repeal the Dangerous Dogs Act
  0901 5221002 to repeal the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act
  0901 5221003 to repeal the Human Rights Act
  0901 5221004 to repeal the European Communities Act
  0901 5221005 to repeal the Hunting Act
  0901 5221006 to repeal the Act of Settlement

Or go to the web link above to vote online.

Please distribute this info far and wide to make SOCPA win this vote
- it will be a moral, if not actual, victory.
View Article  Happy Christmas
happy christmas to all my blog reader, I hope you get everything you want.

Personally I don't think I'm going to get world peace this year as its been out of stock for some time and the batteries are definitely not included.
View Article  If you thinking of using Parcels2go, think twice
You might have noticed a comment I made about my Zune on arriving la few weeks ago. .It finally arrived no thanks to the couier company Parcel2go are ...   more »
View Article  walking in Wanstead
Went for a walk on Saturday up to Wanstead Park,

History lesson: Since the time of Henry VIII, a grand manor house stood at the heart of the Wanstead Park eastate. Unfortunately, in 1812 the widowed owner of the estate re-married to the nephew of the Duke of Wellington who prompty squandered her fortune on his extravagant lifestyle. The house and grounds were sold off to repay his debts.

Today, all that remain are the decaying remnants of the formal gardens, dating from the early eighteenth century. These gardens include a series of artificial ponds, the most interesting of which are are the ornamental waters which are maintained as a nature reserve.anis great for photographs

Having been a decadent English estate, naturally Wanstead Park has its share of follies, including a ruined grotto boat-house and a mock-classical Temple.

Photo of one of the pond
View Article  Microsoft wins ruling to ban spam list sales

OUT-LAW News, 15/12/2006

Microsoft has stopped a man from selling lists of email addresses which were being used for spam. A court has granted a summary judgment against Paul ...   more »

View Article  photoshop cs3 beta

The beta for the new PhotoshopCS3 is availible

New features for the Photoshop CS3 beta include the following:

  • Non-destructive Smart Filters
    Smart Filters are Photoshop filters that are applied ...   more »
View Article  Two tribes go to war
The story of youth rivalries between 'Chavs' and 'Goths' in Peterborough, and how the local council have come up with radical solutions to the violence, binge drinking and anti social behaviour. The council has organised 'airsoft' battles between the two groups in nearby woods.

BBC Choice

The Show:

Some how I think it wasn't the goths that we being violent, binge drinking or causing anti social behaviour and the council had to give the chavs a target.
View Article  pda hard times

One dead pda
Originally uploaded by akira_kev.
Lesson in life # 203: Never get into a taxi at 4 in the morning with your pda and your wallet in the same pocket, becasue this happens.
View Article  cybershot recall

Sony has said it will recall eight models of its Cyber-shot digital cameras after finding a defect in the liquid crystal display screen.

The problem is caused by a glitch with the image sensor, which may mean the screen does not display images correctly, Sony said.

The recall applies to models sold worldwide between September 2003 and January 2005.

The electronics giant will repair for free only cameras that show signs of the problems, according to Sony spokesman Chisato Kitsukawa.

The recall applies to models DSC-F88, DSC-M1, DSC-T1, DSC-T11, DSC-T3, DSC-T33, DSC-U40 and DSC-U50.
View Article  Zune Review or Not as it seems thanks to
Well i hoped to be posting a Zune review today but instead i'm still waiting for to get their act together and get it to me. Just been waiting nearly 2 weeks now

No doubt i'll be posting more about this company in the future,
View Article  Television's next revolution will not be televised

This is a research paper from Jupiter Research, Interesting view point... i can only watch low quality  web type footage of a short time. Normally you can get away with poor sound or poor visuals but not both. I doubt i could stand watching a hour of poor footage.


Jeff Jarvis provides more evidence that the future of "television" is being remade on the web, mostly by amateurs, hackers, and struggling artists.

Online video in 2006 feels like the Web in 1994. It's all pretty rough, but a lot of it is very creative. Much of the stuff that's being created for the web by the mainstream media has a raw, experimental quality that we're not used to from big organizations.

Jeff's story of producing his segment for CBS versus producing a segment for Amanda Congdon's webcast hints that the eventual impact of web video on television will be greater than the impact of the Web on print.

One of the most significant parts of all of this is that amateurs can produce higher-quality video than is possible with standard Grown-Up TV production techniques. The technology is necessary but not sufficient. Production processes have to be re-invented for the low-overhead, small-screen, short-subject, random-access, bandwidth-thrifty web. We're still in inventing a new grammar of online video, just as Desi Arnaz (yes, Desi!) invented multi-camera production techniques late in the early days of television.

View Article  Protests and lawsuits in Tazer case
Student to file suit against UCPD Mostafa Tabatabainejad, who was stunned several times with a Taser in Powell Library Tuesday, plans to file a lawsuit against university police alleging "brutal excessive force" and false arrest, his lawyer said Friday.    more »
View Article  The belly of the Beast
House of Commons Defence, Foreign Affairs, International Development and Trade and Industry Committees Strategic Export Controls: Annual Report for 2004, Quarterly Reports for 2005, Licensing Policy and Parliamentary Scrutiny
First Joint Report of Session 2005–06 Twelfth Report from the Defence Committee of Session 2005--06 Fifth Report from the Foreign Affairs Committee of Session 2005--06 Fifth Report from the International Development Committee of Session 2005--06 Seventh Report from the Trade and Industry Committee of Session 2005--06

What a bloody title.....the goverment just love it don't they?

This is the report from the committee that  Mark Thomas gave evidence to regard the arms industry the experiences he turned into the book As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela: Underground Adventures in the Arms and Torture Trade

His evidence starts at  EV105 but I'd recommend reading the whole report if you've got the stomach for it.

View Article  probably the best rider in the world
This is probably the best rider in the world... if you need another reason to love Iggy Pop, the veteran rocker. The document--all 18 pages of which you'll find below--describes Iggy's requirements in terms of amplifiers, security, lighting, stage set up, and dressing rooms. But unlike most similar documents, Iggy's rider is written in a rollicking, stream-of-consciousness fashion that delivers multiple laughs per page. Apparently written by roadie Jos Grain, the Iggy rider is peppered with witty gems, tasteless asides, and typos. For example, in describing how Iggy's dressing room should be made to "look less like a typical rock & roll dressing room," the rider suggests that promoters "just let someone loose with a little bit of artistic flair...Er, do you know any homosexuals?" Explaining the need for two heavy duty fans, Grain notes, "So that I can wear a scarf and pretend to be in a Bon Jovi video." Also, don't miss the backstage requirements of a Bob Hope impersonator and "a copy of USA Today that's got a story about morbidly obese people in it. Most amusing!" (18 pages)

View Article  Tourture in the name of security
The news article that goes along with the footage

View Article  Hard Work
Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.  ~Thomas Edison

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.  ~Will Rogers
View Article  does it get better than this
I took this on the 5th of November..... I love my camera probably the best purchase I even made. Going for real camera and not some fisher price 8meg job., purchasing one with a with full size CCD and good lenses
View Article  He who dies with the most toys, still dies

"I welcome that Saddam Hussein and the other defendants have faced justice and have been held to account for their crimes. Appalling crimes were committed by Saddam Hussein's regime. It is right that those accused of such crimes against the Iraqi people should face Iraqi justice. Today's verdicts and sentences by the Iraqi Higher Tribunal comes at the end of a trail during which evidence has been offered and challenged in the full glare of media scrutiny. "

These are the words of  Margaret Beckett British Foreign Secretary, it fills me with discust that anyone in the 21th Century never mind a British Goverment Minister the same Goverment that will not deport people to regiums that have the death penalty as a punishment .Can speak out and back the death penalty. There is no crime that taking a life can be called just, instead he should be inprision at the hague Never being given the easy way out and every day having to atone for his crimes.

As one whose husband and mother-in-law have died the victims of murder assassination, I stand firmly and unequivocally opposed to the death penalty for those convicted of capital offenses. An evil deed is not redeemed by an evil deed of retaliation. Justice is never advanced in the taking of a human life. Morality is never upheld by a legalized murder.
--Corretta Scott King


Mr Roy has posted some example of what other goverments are saying to give you some perspexive

Lets see how the Finnish Presidency of the EU puts it:
"The EU opposes capital punishment in all cases and under all circumstances and it should not be carried out in this case either."

or the Spanish PM:
"Saddam Hussein, like any other citizen or political leader, has to answer for his actions, for what he has done in his government task.It is well known that for a long time the EU has not been in favour of the death penalty. Obviously it is a penalty which is not provided for in any legal system in the EU or, of course, in our country. "

or the Irish:

"The minister welcomes the end of this long legal process.Ireland and its EU partners have made it clear in the past to Iraqi authorities that we are opposed to courts applying the death sentence.Ireland is also opposed to it being applied as a penalty in this case. "
View Article  Sat Nav Phone
I've had great sucess with my SPVM5000 and my Polstar GPS for navigation using Pocket Streets and TomTom and my SPVC600 for Geoblogging with Sharpspace

A company called Benefon has launched a cell phone with a built in GPS receiver — nothing new there. However, this particular GPS cell phone, called the Twig, does something extra. It can send your GPS coordinates to another Twig owner and then that person can navigate directly to you using the preloaded navigation software. Sounds like this could save a lot of time and effort when trying to explain to theyour drunk mates which pub your in. The phone will cost £330 in the UK, or about $625.
View Article  Wifi meets HDMI

Six big-name consumer electronics companies have come together to thrash out a wireless alternative to the HDMI cabling standard that may also tread on the toes of next-generation Wi-Fi technology.

The WirelessHD specification is described as a "high-speed wireless, multi-gigabit technology in the unlicensed 60GHz band [with] smart antenna technology to overcome line-of-sight constraints", co-founders Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, NEC, Toshiba and SiBEAM said. Connections will be secure to keep content safe from duplication, and while the technology will be capable of supporting uncompressed HD video and audio, it will also host device-control data. Initial versions of the WiHD specification will support data rates of 2-5Gbps, but the technology will be capable of pushing 20Gbps, the founders said.

The consortium's members want to get a spec in place by Spring 2007, at which point companies will be able to build modules to allow their HD TVs, DVD players, Blu-ray Disc machines, HD DVD units, DVRs, camcorders etc to beam content back and forth.

Right now, the focus is very much "wireless display connectivity", as the WiHD group puts it. That's exactly what HDMI is about, albeit in a wired context. The founders didn't indicate the technology's range, but there's surely the potential for streaming from, say, a player to a screen in another room. If WiHD can do that, it stands as a rival to 802.11n Wi-Fi. ®

HMDI Evolves :

View Article  thank God for US postal addresses

Microsoft's Zune music player and online content store combo is "way off launch" in Europe and the UK, the company has admitted. The "earliest date" it might appear here? The end of 2007, or possibly even 2008, a Microsoft executive has revealed.

"The earliest date it will be in the UK is towards the end of 2007. However, it could easily be 2008," Microsoft media and entertainment alliance manager Dene Schonknecht said, according to UK trade paper New Media Age.


I'm so glad I ordered mine from the US I'll have it by the 20th :-)

View Article  Quicktime freezing on SATA Raid

In the office we've been building dual Xeon systems on the SuperMicro X6DH8-XG2 motherboard with 2 Seagate Momentus SATA RAID Hard Disks Mirror (RAID 1) for the operating system. Two weeks ago while at a client site we spotted a problem in that, Quicktime would not play .mov files from the C: Drive, it would just lock the system out. Quicktime .mov's would play from all other drives but not the main windows OS drive. Strange I thought, everything else will play on the c: fine.

After much install of Quicktime, Operating System images and video drivers I got to the point that I was just banging my head against a brick wall. Nothing would get QuickTime to play the files.

Until this morning when a colleague had the bright idea to have a look at the version number of the Raid Controller. I'm using the onboard Adaptec IC5HR SATA Raid controller, a quick search of the SuperMicro site and I found version of the driver when what comes on the motherboard CD is 2.x.x.x. A quick rev of the driver and guess what Quicktimes now play on the raid.

How strange.