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Feeding Time at the Zoo
Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
Recent Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
View Article  This non linear video editing will never catch on
Avid1 Media Composer Promo

Oh how we loved those Rmags and MO disks....

Well that was then and this is now...
View Article  geek test
I took MSN's Geek Test and apparently I'm a:

Well balanced individual: So what if you answered hell yes to some of the questions!? You are in touch with your inner geek and you aren’t ashamed to admit it - but there are limits…

Step away from th gadgets Kevin!
View Article  Does Microsoft really want to sell Vista in the UK
Something caught me tonight while looking at something else on and, it was the crazy pricing that is being quote for Windows Vista Upgrades on both sites. I've included a screen shot to show you what I mean, the top site is and the bottom

Conversions at todays exchange rate of £1.00 = $1.95. If you did a straight conversion the UK prices for both would be:

78.92 UKP for Home Premium, Differnce of £56.02 which is 42% increase in price
128.11 UKP for Ultimate, Difference of £86.88 which is 40% increase in price.

How can Amazon/Microsoft don't know who is to blame on this but i think I can guess as I see that the marketplace price, justify the near 1:1 conversion rate. Do you think that microsoft forget that you don't just replace a $ sign with a £ sign in prices.

Thankfully the OEM prices aren't as bad and it looks like much more of a deal at mircodirect they are:

£77.32 for Windows Vista-Home Premium 32Bit
£121.01 for WindowsVistaUltimate32Bit
were as the US OEM Version are:

Home Premium: $120.89
Vista Ultimate $205.31

Which are much more like the US upgrade prices, Ok you can't transfer license like you can with full retail versions but I don't think I've ever transfered a personal license I know I have at work, so OEM can be a steal, it will install on a preinstalled system which I have done and it worked off the bat, see blog passim.

So is this a case of Micro$oft getting greedy or another case of rip off Britian.

View Article  Another Beau Bo D'or classic

View Article  PinOut
While helping a friend out with the problem that he bought a S-Video to Scart cable and not a Scart to S-Video cable I came across a new site that I thought I'd better tell you all about. Its Pinouts.RU there in a link to the site on the button below
For many years I've used the Hardware Book i remember when it was a standalone app, both have a wealth of infomation and great for getting you out of trouble.

Get wired at - pinouts of slots, connectors, cables
View Article  Google Analytics and a Curved ball
For some time now I've been using Google Analytics to compile and check stats involving my blog including what search words bring people to this place, not in any crazy way you understand by more curiosity. Normally the logs are pretty boring just lots of searches on techie words or parts numbers that I've blogged about but sometime there is something that like seeing a piece of gold in all the coal you go  "EH, what the WTF?" So without much further ado I present this little piece of Google heaven. Someone searched on the Internet and ended up at my blog because they were searching for:

Yes if like me you went WTF! who in there right mind would put that in a search engine, of course its too broad your going to need to narrow down your search criteria. maybe by county or some such qualifier, but your never going to find it on your first hit, probably need to check Google Images .

But back to Google Analytics and the server weblog, like Sherlock Homes I can tell our pervert lives in Nottingham, uses MSN to search on a Windows XP machine with IE6 and has NTL as a service provider. But Kevin you say how did he or she (yes I'm not going to be sexist, perverts come in all shapes and sizes) end up on your blog its not like my site in the centre for Gaelic Porn or that I have girls and boys with shamrocks covering the most interment places on every page. So a quick look back at the logs and the pages that brought the pervert to this site were::

Vista Content Protection Follow up
: were I mention about a guy who owns the 'core' of the Vista Operating System
New Statesman Blog: post were I mentioned about John Prescott being caught 'shagging'
Reaction to Saddam's Execution post were I mentioned the 'Irish' government statement on Saddam's Death

The word hard didn't bring anything up, I'm so glad that it was a nice bit of techie, left wing politics and got the smut seekers interest just maybe they stopped for two seconds and read the site before they were off to the next site on the list. Come on Kev whats the changes of that.....

BTW if your looking for hard core Irish porn then look no further than here here or here
PS. All Safe for Work
View Article  Most outrageous comments of 2006

How extreme were conservative commentators in their remark this year? How about calls to nuke the Middle East and an allegation that a "gay ... mafia" used the congressional page program as its own "personal preserve." Right-wing rhetoric documented by Media Matters for America

View Article  trackback spam
well trackbacks seem to be pointless so I gone and turned them off. I was spending most of my time deleting and blocking lots and lots of trackback spam from pill pushers and porn merchents. So its got to the point of saying no I've turned them off
View Article  Nothing says "happy valentines day" like...

View Article  Welsh Train Stations - Cardiff

Platfform sign
Originally uploaded by akira_kev.
Only in Wales could you have a platform 0
View Article  HDforALL demand Freeview bandwidth

Broadcasters the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five, along with manufacturers Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and Alba, and Dixons owner DSGI have begun lobbying UK regulator Ofcom to guarantee bandwidth on ...   more »

View Article  Vista, another painless install
Well  bit the bullet and instaled Windows Vista Upgrade on my MCE PC I use as a media centre in the bedroom. What can I say but it installed like a dream, I took note of the warning that the driver for my Netgear WG111T USB wireless adapter would not be installed off the bat so I went out to netgear site and downloaded the vista beta driver for my adapter, as you can see by me typing on the web it worked.

Netgear Beta drivers for Vista are here (click on the check box to display them)

I done a flickr set for the upgrade process

I'm more than happy with the pocess it was so simple, if you just take account of the warnings it should be seemless.

The first boot is always the worst
First boot is always the worst