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Feeding Time at the Zoo
Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
Recent Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
View Article  somewhere over the pond
Well I'm delayed at chicago o'hare so I thought I'd upload a shot I took on my photo on the way over. its a shot  over the wing into the horizon

View Article  Vista Content Protection
A few weeks again a question came up on 'the List' regarding Vista Content Protection so like a good boy I forwarded it the man on the inside James. Well he's posted a response and here it is from his Blog.

A while ago Kev posted a comment here about this paper that talks about Content Protection in Vista.  There is now an official reply here by Dave Marsh who's the guy that now owns video in the core OS (good guy.. once worked for Snell & Willcox).

Bottom line is that a) any OS that wants to legally play commercial content in new HD formats will have to do something similar b) when you play regular unprotected content, all of these mechanisms are switched off. 

As you'd expect, there is the predictable fuss about this from the peanut gallery.  As a consumer, I'm glad that I can play HD-DVDs on my PC.  That doesn't mean I like the increased layers of DRM that have been mandated.  I'm also not so glad that, when I put an HD-DVD disc into my DVD player it can potentially re-flash the firmware of the device if the device is on a list of compromised players.  But that's the world we now live in thanks to widespread piracy.

View Article  hmm
Big Brother's Jade is now the most unpopular Goodie, breaking Bill Oddie's 20 year run.
View Article  crimping tool anyone?
Can you pop me a connector on the end of this cable?
What do you think Phil are you man enough?
View Article  It's Coming Home, its Coming home......Windows is coming Home
Windows Home Server promo site,

 the Center for Digital Amnesia Awareness

View Article  Britons to be scanned for FBI database,,1984496,00.html

Millions of Britons who visit the United States are to have their fingerprints stored on the FBI database alongside those of criminals, in a move that has outraged civil rights groups.

The Observer has established that under new plans to combat terrorism, the US government will demand that visitors have all 10 fingers scanned when they enter the country. The information will be shared with intelligence agencies, including the FBI, with no restrictions on their international use. more on link

To the people who say "if you're innocent you have nothing to fear. I would gladly have my ten toe prints taken too if only to be able to step foot in the 'Land of the Free" I present this:

original graphic by Winjer 2004
View Article  We need a 'Bribery Tsar' for the 21st century

If bribery is so good for jobs, why should it be a crime? writes Mark Thomas in the New Statesman Blog

The war on terror has been used to justify many things from the Brian Haw law (to make protesters get permits) to illegally invading Iraq. It is indeed a small wonder that John Prescott when caught shagging didn’t opt for the “war on terror” defence.

I for one would pay money to see him declaring, “We have it on reliable intelligence information that unless I put my penis in the woman’s vagina then terrorists will detonate a nuclear dirty bomb device. In London, quite possibly at Battersea Dogs Home or somewhere else with a large collection of vulnerable pets.” more here

View Article  Great London rail fare rip-off
I don't normally praise The Sun out of habit,but they have come up with a classic story...,,2-2007000415,00.html

Something that we've known for a long time but that London's Tube system is the world's most expensive train journey.

It's not, as hackette Caroline Iggulden found out, a luxury excursion on the Orient Express, but rather a 43-second jaunt on the Piccadilly Line between Covent Garden and Leicester Square: 43 seconds covering 0.26km for a whopping £4.

That's 1.5 pence per metre, as the paper helpfully points out, easily topping the next most expensive short hop on the Tokyo Metro which comes in at £1.51. In New York, in contrast, "a subway ride costs £1.07, and in Rome just 67 pence and allows unlimited rides on tubes and buses for 75 minutes".

View Article  Saddam Dog Faked
I posted a story about Saddam Dog being Executed last week,

I have now found that the story is FAKE.......the picture has been faked

The photo is found on DOGS DESERVE BETTER website which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained dog, and bringing our ‘best friend’ into the home and family.

warning distressing pictures
the orginal picture is on

the orginal picture is here

View Article  Another Beau Bo D'or classic
You can see it here

but why he used a copy of Rainbow - Long Live Rocknroll to do the art, does anyone admit to having that in their collection? But Kev you know it from the record number he left on the picture....Duh Busted
View Article  Petiton for the stripping of Jeffery Archer's peerage
After my post the other day about Naseem Hamed being stripped of MBE and wanting Jeffery Archer to go the same way, well Steve Ayland sent me this petition that is on the goverment's Number 10 site and it is a petiton to have Jeffery Archer stripped of his peerage. So get down and sign up and tell your friends.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Strip Jeffery Archer of his peerage. 

Submitted by Steve Ayland – Deadline to sign up by: 03 July 2007

View Article  Kodak Moments

Kodak has a sense of humour
View Article  6 Months of Blogging

I'm posting this a bit for person reference but the graph above shows the stats from my first six months blogging,

Top Articles in December were:
Saddam Dog Executed:
Courier Companies:
If you thinking of using Parcels2go, think twice:
View Article  Lord Archer and the Stripper
Naseem Hamed stripped of MBE

Former world boxing champion Naseem Hamed has been stripped of his MBE after serving a jail term for dangerous driving.

32-year-old Hamed served 16 weeks of a 15-month term in Moorland Prison, Doncaster for causing serious injury to Anthony Burgin in a high-speed crash in May 2005.

An official notice said the Queen had directed that Hamed's name be erased from the Order of the British Empire.

So does that mean we can get rid of these too?

Lord Brocket - convicted of insurance fraud, having dismantled and hidden four of the Ferraris, claiming them to be stolen.
Lord Archer - Convicted of perjury and perverting the course of justice and sent to prision for 4 years..
Dame Shirley Porter - convicted in the high court of running an council Building Stable Communities policy that was completely illegal and ordered to pay £27,000,000.back to Westminster Council
Sir Clive Thompson - Chairman involved in the collapse of the Farepak Christmas hamper company

Or sorry I forgot it doesn't work like that does it...if it did the honour system would be fair and you would not be able to throw them at members of your family for doing what they done since prat around on a horse