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Feeding Time at the Zoo
Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
Recent Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
View Article  Watch out there is a Geordie about!

Originally uploaded by akira_kev.
The monkey has landed, again. In the surreal work that is Los Angeles who joys does this town have in wait for me, its always eventful and fun.
View Article  Its Thursday must be Washington DC

Originally uploaded by akira_kev.
Today I had two days off in Washington DC before heading to NAB in las Vegas, This is my fav photo I took while out today, it from the Lincoln Memorial looking out over the Reflectling Pool down to the Washington Monument.

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View Article  Karma in Action?
Text message boss killed in crash

The former boss of a no-win no-fee compensation firm which told its 2,500 staff by text they would not be paid has been killed in a car crash.

Mark Langford, 43, from Cheshire, fled to the continent after Manchester-based The Accident Group (TAG) collapsed with debts of £100m in May 2003.

Mr Langford's car was involved in an accident in Marbella, Spain, on Monday, the Foreign Office said.

He was being sought by HM Revenue and Customs for £4.1m in unpaid tax.

It is thought the businessman was at the wheel when his car went off the motorway near the resort. He died in hospital later.

View Article  Tips for Satirists
as sent to me by a friend
  1. Begin with lust and rage and mean-spiritedness if need be, but write yourself through to shared laughter, one the "victim" shares, unless you mean a death struggle.

  2. If you write anonymously about anyone other than a public figure, and mean to wound, can't help wounding, consider making the victim a "type," not a person. Make up a name for your speaker, but also for your target: "Sir Richard Surly," or whatever.

  3. If you need therapy, get therapy.

  4. Remember that satire by definition has a moral point.  Vindictiveness, flaming, making an example out of a minor figure, none of that is satire.

  5. I believe that by definition real satire is directed at those who are, in ordinary life, in a position to not only retaliate, but are in a position to retaliate by inflicting real injury: the pillory, Guantanamo, an IRS audit, termination from a job. Unless the risk to yourself is heroic, don't call your cruelty satire.

  6. Remember that satire is a gun that recoils upon the speaker, and the author too. Remember that it "takes one to know one." The Fool reviles the Knave, and the Knave reviles the Fool.

  7. Often the strongest and best satire isolates in the "Other" the writer's own faults. We overcome ourselves by wounding our own sinful nature. But remember that the boil that most needs lancing is on your own laughing face.

  8. To rejoice in the suffering of those weaker than yourself, or vulnerable people, is not satire but malice. (As Oscar Wilde would say, "That is a fault.")

  9. To run with a mob and lynch even a person who deserves it is not satire, but a sin.

  10. Satire wounds only to heal, inflicts pain only to instruct, and leaves the target either untouched (since only a type has been satirized), or laughing, if ruefully.

  11. When the victim laughs at his own folly and the crowd laughs too, the satirist has prevailed.

  12. When the victim extracts the satirist's blood, or sues and wins, the satirist has lost.

  13. The satirist also loses when the victim, innocent or guilty, is broken upon the wheel, while the mob jeers. This is only excusable as a last resort when the victim is the Tyrant and the mob are those who were his minions, including the Officers of his Kangaroo Court, his Palace Guard, and his own Headsman.

  14. Satire is a noble trade, but no easier than butchery to master. If you have never vivisected a dog, don't practice on a friend.

  15. Never dish out what you can't take.

View Article  bang goes another xbox 360
Well i thought it might only be a matter of time before my Xbox 360 broke again, at Christmas the unit failed with a error were Icould not load any disc into the CD drive the drive made some crunching and loud buzzing sounds on start up. That unit was replaced under warranty by Mircosoft. Today while in the middle of playing GRAW 2. The DVD drive made an awful sound for a second or two. I thought the worst but the game kept on playing and I completed my mission. I turned the console off and then went to do some work I came back tonight to play again and what do I find. the DVD drive will not accept any games or dvd movies it just comes up that every disk is unplayable in the tray icon. So it looks like I'll be returning a second console to Microsft with the same problem. below is a picture of the error from my cameraphone

View Article  wait for ages then......

wait for ages then......
Originally uploaded by akira_kev.
if you were looking for a bus in east london this morning. Then the reason is they were all probably here. There was another 7 buses waiting in the queue just around the corner. All thanks to District Line engineering works.
View Article  Blog or your sacked

We've all heard about employees being sacked for blogging. will staff soon be sacked for failing to blog? Last week, Sony BMG UK issued a new corporate marketing strategy.

According to an official release from the group, Ged Doherty, chairman and chief executive of SonyBMG in UK and Ireland, said the company "has made it obligatory for all senior staff at both Columbia Records and RCA Records to start blogging actively".

So what happens to staff who refuse to toe the corporate line, or perhaps fail to produce the required quantity of blog blather?

more at
View Article  Beau Bo D'Or says

View Article  Video of the Year

Kermit the Frog -Hurt by Nine Inch Johnny Cash Stylee sent to me by Neil King