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Feeding Time at the Zoo
Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
Recent Tracks Rockin' The Monkey House
View Article  compliments
I think i got one of the best compliments from a work colleague I could get on Friday, it came after a email discussion about were to go drinking that night.He said to go to the Intrepid Fox (which has now closed down)  When I popped this fact out he said "I work in Camden now Kev, though granted your job does require an up to date knowledge of the Soho drinking scene"

It does doesn't it thats when I realised I probably do have one of the best jobs in the world, bang in to the middle of Soho, working with some of the best minds in Television and Film. Helping people make everything for Adverts to the next Oscar winner. What could I want more?

View Article  BBC and Microsoft join farces, sorry i mean forces
BBC director general Mark Thompson and Microsoft's Bill Gates have signed an agreement to work on exploring opportunities for the delivery and consumption of BBC content.

The plans include an online archive, and radically overhauled website and other ways to share online content in the future.

Thompson said the BBC needed to forge strategic partnerships with technology companies for the benefit of licence payers. Highfield added that Microsoft was a key supplier to the BBC and that it was a gateway to audiences through web services such as MSN and Windows Live Messenger and hardware such as Xbox and Windows Media Center.

He added: "The BBC needs to work with all players in this space to make sure our content is enjoyed by the widest possible audience, without them having to come to to find it."

Areas of potential collaboration include search and navigation, distribution and content enablement. Any actual procurements of new technology or launch of new services by the BBC would be subject to regulatory approval.


But as a license payer does that mean I'm paying for everyone to see it around the world, where is the added value for me?

View Article  Lesson One
Well i'm just back from my first ever Driving Lesson, eeeeekkkk.
Oh what fun it can be moving a big metal box around with your hands and feet.Crazy as it may seem I think I'm quite good at it. We did some left turns and right turns as well as lots of pulling away and stopping. Next week lesson 2
View Article  Thank god for that. Ricky Gervais shuts his mouth for once
Ricky Gervais is to quit producing podcasts joking he had to "knock it on the head before everyone hates us. I was trying something out. I wanted to see if I could cut out the middle man and make podcasting a commercial concern."
Sorry Ricky everyone hates you already...stopping podcast isn't going to change that.

View Article  Microsoft's Zune will not play protected Windows Media Audio
EFF says Microsoft's Zune will not play protected Windows Media Audio and Video purchased or "rented" from Napster 2.0, Rhapsody, Yahoo! Unlimited, Movielink, Cinemanow, or any other online media service.

 It seems that all of the 'PlaysforSure' media that has been sold and is currently being sold will not play on the Zune. In addition, Microsoft has now advocated violating the DMCA in order to transfer files to the player. Microsoft Zune architect J Allard was quoted as saying there's 'Lots of DVD ripping software out there that encodes to those formats, so the most popular formats out there, whether it's MPEG-4 or H.264, we'll support those.'"

full article
View Article  another Beau Bo D'or Classic

Conservative Party New Logo
View Article  Fancy a XBOX 360 portable.

Ben Heckendorn has re-configured his console into a laptop form-factor. With a resolution of 1,280 x 720, it's HD ready. Portable XBOX 360.


View Article  BT launches YouTube service with a podcast twist
BT has unveiled plans to launch a podcasting site. It has teamed up with the Podshow Network. UK version ...   more »
View Article  Save the Intrepid Fox

The Intrepid Fox has existed since 1784, and in recent years it has been one of the remaining havens for fans of the goth and alternative culture of London.(other than The SHIP on the same street) The owning brewery has recently sold the property to developers, who wish to turn it into flats. The Intrepid Fox is due to close on September 11th 2006.

While the news has been released at very short notice (no doubt to the advantage of the sellers and buyers, if not the management and punters), I believe that it is still worthwhile lodging a complaint with relevant parties. It may not make a difference, it may be too late, but the Fox is one of the last bastions (particularly in central London) of the alternative/gothic culture and well worth stating a desire to protect. (even if the toilets are sometime very smelly)

The petition is below also a number of other ways to help are on the Save the Fox Website
Save The Intrepid Fox Petition

There is more information and further contact details at
Evening Standard. To read it, visit

View Article  Mitsubishi announces 1920x1080 projectors for home-use
Can I have one for christmas.... hc5000

with a price of  below £2000

View Article  You know how much I love banging on about SOCPA
Well last thursday the was a Mass Lone Protest The police presence was minimal (three coppers stood in the shade of a tree about a hundred yards away). The highlight was a live TV broadcast by BBC London allowed the 120 people there to reach a much larger audience than just the tourists gawping from the open-top buses. (Watch the broadcast here.I take great relish in pointing out the undemocratic idiocy of SOCPA. The video's also worth watching to see Mark Thomas take Tory London Assembly member Brian Coleman to pieces. Coleman protested against the protests. Without police permission.)  Arrest that man, officer.

Previous SOCPA posts:
View Article  Tuner not found in Media Centre 2005

Last night I got Tuner Not Found error messages when trying to view and TV in Media Center 2005. This was after installing and windows express update. I looked at the update and it had installed .Net 2.0 for some reason it had turned off some services and now wouldn't restart them without an error message I used the following steps to fix these services, and once I did this, live TV started working again in Media Center 2005 with Update Rollup 2.  

  1. Click on the Start menu, choose Run and type cmd, cut and paste each line and hit return after each line.
regsvr32.exe atl.dll
%windir%\ehome\ehrecvr.exe /unregServer
%windir%\ehome\ehsched.exe /unregServer
%windir%\ehome\ehrecvr.exe /service
%windir%\ehome\ehsched.exe /service
View Article  Second John Peel day is announced, its 12 October
John Peel

A second John Peel day will be held on 12 October to mark the anniversary of the late DJ's last ...   more »
View Article  Microsfot DRM hacked
A program called Fairuse4wm has been posted on the net and is apparently capable of breaching Microsoft's Digital Rights Management (DRM) system.

FairUse4WM is a GUI version of drmdbg that supports individualization version .3930 and some WM11 versions.

Basic requirements
1. Only works on individualized DRM file
2. Requires WM10 or WM11. Won't work on WM9.

View Article  I've been to infest
View Article  Police deal with protest deluge

Dozens of protesters have been flooding police with requests to demonstrate about issues ranging from the Iraq war to "Goth ...   more »
View Article  Apple recall on laptop batteries
The announcement affects laptop computers - the iBook G4 and Powerbook G4 - sold between October 2003 and August 2006.

"We discovered that some Sony batteries in previous models of PowerPC-based iBooks and PowerBooks do not meet Apple's standards for safety and performance," Apple said in a statement.

Computer model nameBattery model numberBattery serial numbers
12-inch iBook G4A1061ZZ338 through ZZ427
3K429 through 3K611
6C510 through 6C626
12-inch PowerBook G4A1079ZZ411 through ZZ427
3K428 through 3K611
15-inch PowerBook G4A1078 and A11483K425 through 3K601
6N530 through 6N551

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled batteries immediately and contact Apple to arrange for a replacement battery, free of charge. After removing the recalled battery from their iBook or PowerBook, consumers should plug in the AC adapter to power the computer until a replacement battery arrives.

Consumer Contact: : Contact Apple at (800) 275-2273 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. CT Monday through Sunday or log on to Apple’s Web site at to check the battery’s serial number and request a replacement battery.

View Article  sorry for the outage
Well it seems my blog was getting a little popular and I exceeded my bandwidth allocation, so I've upgrade my site and we are back rocking and rolling.
View Article  The News at Ten, Bonk
Swedish state broadcaster SVT is in hot water after accidently broadcasting some sizzling Czech action as a backdrop to Saturday's ...   more »
View Article  Houston...not just Oil but a Zoo too

Just left Houston had a great time and met some great people, never one to shy away from going clubbing on a night. I tried Houstons local alt. club Numbers and was pleasantly suprised. Met some great people in there and danced to some classic 80's tunes. Also ventured out to the Zoo to please my monkey fetish and I was not disappointed. (see pictures here)
View Article  WEP encryption cracked easily and quickly...

Worried about continued toWEP at home, this new research finally provides a crack that's usable, within a few hours.  You'd need access via another connection to a host already on the internet, some carefully selected hardware and this new software, but you can in about 2 hours read all the traffic, and connect to and use the network. Time to change encryption
View Article  from friend winjer

The National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit, everyone's friend from the Clowns to the Animal rights Anti

View Article  6 Airports in 4 days.. If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium
Today is must be Dallas. This mornings image...

Had a great day yesterday in Seattle, all I can say is what a cool city. Very chilled out people and what a great place to work.
Nice to show what a little company in London can do and have the big boys listen and lap it up. Anway back to the treadmill

View Article  Strange things you find in hotel rooms
Part of me was really scared to read this and the other park went, what the worst that could happen....   more »
View Article  M$ 1 Sony 0
Friend Roy did post:

Microsoft have just pulled their joker out of the hat before the Playstation3 launch. After learning from the original xbox hackers and
giving the 360 a mediacentre, (they did Actually credit the xbox hackers in their launch video), they've now announced that they will not only allow homebrew content on the 360, they are encouraging it!

And Sony must be sick to their stomach as they were the most well known company for doing this with their PS1 Net Yaroze project.
View Article  check in hell or getting there is half the fun
Stay at home, stay tucked up in bed. Thats what my "horrorscope" said this morning. Waking up knowing that I had to got Heathrow I tried to mentally prepare myself for the pain. So i got cleaned up and picked up my last few things and turned on the work mobile. I had a message from 10pm on Saturday night. "Mr King this is to inform you that your flight to Vancouver is now leaving at 12:30 and not the time advertised." PANIC, I'm standing in East London at 9.30 thinking I should be at Heathrow now, thanks for the ...So I get my cases together get on the tube and get going on the hammersmith and city line to paddington to get the Heathrow Express. London Underground don't let me down I need you today please I screamed and woe betide the man who wishes for London Underground not to fail. It pulls a classic out of the hat and deals me "person taken ill in the train in front". I we hadn't been stuck in a tunnel then I think I would have got out there and got a taxi to Paddington. Finally after what seems like hours we get going we get to Baker Street, they is an announcement which I don't hear because I'm listening Johnny Cash "Hurt" on the old Iriver. Which is that the train will now terminate at Edware Road, one stop short of Paddington. We get to Edware Road everyone disembarks its 10.50am I'm getting stopped at every turn I'm starting to feel like John Clease in "Clockwise". Bugger the tube, Jump into a cab the one stop to Paddington. Get my ticket for the express and then I turn the corner and see a almighty queue of about 200 people, my heart sinks then I notice all the shirts they are all wearing blue, they are Chelsea fans going to the charity shield match and not going to the airport, result. Well I get on the heathrow express and can you guess what happens....yes points failure at airport crossover. Joy oh joy. Its 11.20 we get to Heathrow I rush upstairs and am greeted by a scene out of a nightmare I once had, everywhere is people with bags trying to get into the terminal. I'm think noway am I going to get into the terminal before 12.30 never mind that checkin will be closed. That is when an angel appeared, in a high-vis jacket "Which flight sir?" "The 12:30 to Vancouver but I think I'd have missed it" "No sir you haven't come with me" and with that she clears away through the throng and escorts me to the Air Canada checkin, the high-vis girl drops me next to the air cananda queue and an attendant say "Which flight sir?" "the 12:30 to Vancouver", "Oh Sir that flight has been delayed you'll be travelling at 3.30pm, what the original time that flight was booked for?" "Yes Sir". At this point my body stopped work, my mind crashed....the red mist disappeared....I've never been happier to have a 3 hour delay in a airport. so after a nine and half hour flight with no music and a v. poor entertainment system, X-men was really bad the first time, and the only consolation was that I had a very nice person called Kate next to me to speak to I'm here in Vancouver. So it 4.30am Monday UK time so I'm off to bed now.

View Article  Happy Birthday "the PC"
Today is the PC's 25th Birthday, 25 years ago IBM displayed their 5150 to the public, oh what have you done!

View Article  The review of the funding of political parties
Every wanted to have a bit of fun at the political parties expense, well here is you chance. check out ...   more »
View Article  Modern Etiquette
From the Independent this morning there was a piece in Extra about the use of  Modern Etiquette by J.H.M. Walsh....   more »
View Article  Communting
I saw this article on the BBC website it says that the average commute is now 139 hours a year, so I thought I'd work out how long I spend in  on my commute into London, and I wasn't shocked to find it is 348 hours or 14 and half days a year. (45 minutes each way, it’s the same on bike or tube)  Apparently the average on the survey  for London is 225 hours per year. Which works out at  29 minutes each way, personally I can only think of one person who I know that has a commute of about that. I would love to know what the definition of London they are using, is that greater London all the way to the M25 or people working in  the main core say working inside Tube zone 3.

The Math of the Journey
 225 hours =  13500 minutes
working days in a year 260 - (20holidays - 8 bank holidays) = 232 working days
13500 /  232 = commute per day 58.189 minutes per day
29.1 minutes each way

University of the West of England academics, urged commuters to use the time to "re-energise". Reading the paper, sleeping or day-dreaming had benefits, they said. HAHAHAHA they have never been on the Tube in rush hour have they. If you can get a seat away for the woman who forgot to put her makeup on before leaving the house and is trying in vein to do it on a bouncing train and not to look like koko the clown or the commuter with there Ipod so loud that you can just about make out the whole tune that you can sing along. Then you might be the lucky to daydream just before getting shoved in the back by someone with backpack or a handbag who has zero space awareness.. ah the joys of commuting

View Article  Galway

I spent the early part of this week in Galway Ireland, I've got to say the countryside was lovely and amazing place. I've posted some more pictures in my flickr acount.
View Article  bring out your dead...Quack
pple has asked owners of its 15in MacBook Pro notebook who bought their machine between February and May 2006 to ...   more »
View Article  HDMI Standard evolves

While talking in the office James mentioned that there was going to be yet another leap in the HDMI Standard, ...   more »

View Article  Shaken not Stirred
The 007 stage at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire has been destroyed by fire. The sets we currently being removed after ...   more »
View Article  The strange things that turn up in your log files
I was doing a bit of house keeping on my webserver this afternoon and came across the very strange entry ...   more »
View Article  Image processing the microsoft way

Photosynth is a new image processing technology from Microsoft that takes a collection of images (say, of a famous ...   more »
View Article  Oh the Joys of ordering online
On Friday I ordered a USB tv tuner for my new pc. I did the normal web search for the ...   more »
View Article  Digital music player for the serious
Wi-fi music player gets serious

it plays
for Compressed formats (MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MP2, MusePack, WMA), Uncompressed formats (AIFF, WAV, PCM) and of course Lossless Formats (Apple Lossless, FLAC, WMA Lossless)

It seem they really have up'd their game and not compromised with any of the parts or connectors in this one and at $1,999 (£1,079)  is not that too pricey for the audiophile pockets.

Manufactures website
View Article  AMD to buy graphics vendor ATI for $5.4B
It’s a TLA Day, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has agreed to buy Canadian
graphics chip vendor ATI Technologies Inc. for about $5.4 billion in cash
and stock, the companies announced today.

Rumors that AMD would buy ATI have circulated for a couple of months. If
approved, the deal will add significantly to AMD's product line, bringing in
a lineup of cutting-edge graphics chips and chip sets that include
integrated graphics capabilities. Much like the Intel line up
View Article  dreamspace accident
I took some photos a few years ago of Dreamspace when it was at Mile End, it was a amazing ...   more »
View Article  Spam
Yesterday and this morning I have mostly been fending off a spam attack to my domain offmybox,com, i've been recieving ...   more »
View Article  How to fry an egg... on an Apple MacBook

Now we know why Apple's notebooks run hot - the company wants you to own a computer you can cook ...   more »

View Article  Mark Thomas Protest about a Protest

This is another SOCPA inspired demonstration.

It is illegal for an individual to hold a placard protesting in Parliament Square ...   more »
View Article  ContentAgent 2.1
James the CTO of Root6 Technology post in his blog

ContentAgent 2.1 has just gone into the final stages of testing.  Some of the new features include:

CropperCapture[3]Avid MXF Writing Enhacements

  • Support for 28:1, 15:1 and 14:1 JFIF resolutions in PAL and NTSC
  • Insertion of Timecode metadata intro resulting MXF file

General Enhancements

  • Enhanced support for running ContentAgent on “Full” Windows XP (as well as XP Embedded)
  • On-screen keyboards throughout UI CropperCapture[12]
  • Touchscreen support in workflow designer
  • Template import from ContentAgent v1.3
  • Enhanced performance for browsing folders with large number of files
  • Improvements to the licensing system

Capture Enhancements

  • Visual adjustments for video cropping boarders
  • Input Proc Amp controls for Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Colour Gain, Colour Balance, Gamma
  • Vertical blanking support for handling 608 line capture (PAL) and 512 line (NTSC)
  • Improved input video format detection
  • Live capture for a set time period

Image sequence creation

  • Platinum Transcode engine can now transcode video to BMP, JPEG, TIFF, Targa, PNG, JPEG2000 and DPX file sequences CropperCapture[15]

MPEG Multiplexing Workflow node

AutoCropping on still frame grabs

Export clip metadata as XML

This release will be available as a free-of-charge update to all on software maintenance.

View Article  AutoClav1.1 Photos
I spent most of Saturday on the balcony in the sun correcting photos I'd taken the previous weekend of Tony Young from Autoclav1.1.with some new techniques I've learnt in Photoshop.

Examples of this shoot  can be found below, click on a the image to see the larger version and description

©2006 K2 Visuals

There are more if you've got a flickr account ping me a message and i'll add you as a friend